Monday, February 18, 2008

The Myth of Democrats and National Security

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The Senate Democrats looked at the long picture. Speaker Tip O'Neill learned to disagree with President Reagan and they still got along. What is Speaker Pelosi's problem?

As detailed in this post, the Democrats are opposed to using many tools in the War on Terror. In fact, if you listen to Pacifica or Air America, they refer to it as: "Quote unquote, the War on Terror"

The Director of National Intelligence [DNI] is a non-Partisan job. In this article, he appealed to Speaker Pelosi to pass FISA. It didn't matter. Here is why it is important to pass FISA.

Because Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats were supported by the Association of Trial Lawyers, they refused to vote on the FISA Bill. The House Republicans responded as when their voices silenced were during the "Bloody 8th" debacle; They walked out. Democrats do not believe in free speech. At least when Repulicans are involved. Heck, in Speaker Pelosi's district, they want to rid themselves of the United States Marine Corps.

As detailed in the book, "Fight Club Politics" Speaker Pelosi has never lived up to a deal with any Republicans. After always reneging, how does she expect Republican votes to help her with her agenda? She supposedly learned Politics from the best, forgot the two most basic rules of all:

1) The Security of America is a Bi-Partisan issue.
2) To get votes, trade in good faith.

Speaker Pelosi cannot do either.

Meanwhile, Israel is under fire for protecting itself. The murder of the Head of Hezbollah has caused Israel to put it's embassies on High Alert. Oh, and the head of Hezbollah was no innocent -- read his crimes here.

The Democrats don't support American allies outside of Europe or East Asia. They don't support Iraqi democracy (Wilsonianism was a Democratic idea, last used during the Clinton Administration); They don't support Israel during it's time of need and because they shut down FISA, no one can hear the networks talk. (And take a listen to the Anti-war protesters, they don't support Israel either or Democracy overseas).

Here is two questions.

A) In the past eight years, what have the Democrats proposed for National Security? What tools do they want to use?
B) How do House Democrats expect to work with House Republicans when Speaker Pelosi reneges on every deal she makes? Is their someone who can be a better House Speaker?

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  1. JSF, I've said it before, fearmongering is so beneath you. How does allowing telecom companies to get away with breaking the law keep American safe again? Fisa will eventually pass, but so long as there are stipulations that remove any accountability from the administration of the telcoms, it is bad legislation and there is simply no possible way for you to spin it otherwise. I know you wouldn't be too keen if President Hillary were able to spy on you without having to offer so much as an excuse, and if you're for this now under Bush, then you're OK with it if some future democrat president regardless of how much they decide to abuse their power. And I know you're not OK with that.

  2. JSF, what's wrong with Pelosi? She's a hard left moonbat and as you say, they brook no dissent. These Democrats are not going to go along with anything but socialist agenda.
    As far as this incident with Mughniyeh is concerned, apparently it's believed to have been an inside job and Syria is planning to use it as the protagonist to invade Lebanon. There are some dark storm clouds on the horizon over there and there's no way it won't affect us here.

  3. Aurora, you are as overblown and ridiculous as ever. How is holding companies accountable for BREAKING THE LAW anything remotely socialist? I thought you right wingers were supposed to be all about law and order. Oh right, that's just for other people.

    JSF, just a small nitpick, but Pelosi is the rep for part of San Francisco, and last time I checked, Berkeley is all the way on the other side of the Bay.


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