Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winning in Los Angeles (and CA!) -- 2012 Dog Days Edition

Los Angeles, Sunset
Dear Governor Romney,

In the last Electoral Cycle, I did three posts about how to take Los Angeles and then (by default) California.  Now that we are in the dog days (and you are coming back to the US), here is something for your staff to help expand your reach.

The mathematics are simple:  

 37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = California in Republicans hands.

Whomever fights for Los Angeles, wins California. If you and your team invest and the RNC, NRCC, and Adelson also do the same, you will have victories in the Palm Tree Empire.  You will not be sorry.

Governor Romney,

There is a central theme throughout the fight in Los Angeles, we are the Rebel Forces.  California is run, from top to bottom, by Democrats.  Like running against President Obama, all you have to say (and show) is: I'm not him.

How to crack the Palm Tree Empire? This Republican Goth (Elected to the 50th GOP Assembly District) will lead you out of the darkness.

The Palm Tree Empire


You need ground forces (Sun Tzu), and how do you get them streamlined to fight behind enemy lines? $$$

Here is how much each group needs, please have your partisans and fundraisers send these amounts, thanks!

CAGOP: $50,000,000
RPLAC:  $10,000,000

Staffers will be able to man phones and take the ground. Put our leaders in touch with Sheldon Adelson, there are many reasons to flip this county.  Winning 55 Electoral Votes is one of them.

2) Governor Romney, as a moderate, stay away from Social issues.  A lot of artists (in Central LA and beyond; below the Tri-valleys) don't want to bothered by the bureaucracy (especially among the Goths where I campaign), they would be perfect members of Grover Norquist's "Leave us Alone Coalition,"

As long as LA has no business' incoming (and Runaway Productions), the tax base is shrinking.  The majority democratic City Council are nickel and diming the public. Who wants to deal with a Local Government asking for funds when the same people are anti-business?

Stand up for the Locals of Los Angeles against the Anti-business forces in City Government, you will get votes. 

3) Invest in Prop. 32, it will give you a leeway after you are in the White House.  Read this:

"Restricts union political fundraising by prohibiting use of payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Same use restriction would apply to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or government contractors. Permits voluntary employee contributions to employer or union committees if authorized yearly, in writing. Prohibits unions and corporations from contributing directly or indirectly to candidates and candidate-controlled committees. Other political expenditures remain unrestricted, including corporate expenditures from available resources not limited by payroll deduction prohibition. Limits government contractor contributions to elected officers or officer-controlled committees."

If you want to help win the Palm Tree Empire, start here.



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