Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Dancers (and Dancing) at the Monte Cristo on a Saturday Night

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Saturday Night club has closed (However, Friday, Sunday and Tuesday are still available).

When you spend the night after the Last Night laughing among friends, you know you're in the Right place with the Right people. And yes, I can campaign here too (hence my large vote.)

Now, first a tune, then some pictures:

Now the pics:

Janeen and I

Jeffery and Denice Thompson -- The "Cute Couple" of the Monte Cristo

Francine and I 

My partner in crime, my best friend Ron

Veronica, Reader and Leader of Right in the Dark, and I

Watch this space

Charly, of Many of Odd Nature, and I 
DJ Xian (don't call her "cute") and I

Keiko and I 

Party on the Terrace!

Neko and I

(L-R) Jetti! (an awesome artist), me and Neko 

Carrie and I

My friend Adam -- He starts many conversations. Be smart.

My friend Jenny! She is a walking WMD -- Trust me. 

The view from the Terrace -- Southwestern Law School

Mimi and I

Girls with Lollypops on the Last Night.  

Francine and I 

Look at that Parking Lot!

The Dance Floor

(L - R)  ?????, ???, Me and my friend Artist K

Byron, he parks your cars.  Tip him well.

Ron and Byron.Before he tipped.

Jenny, Daniel and his gf, Sara

Birthday weekend for Denice! (Jeff is a very lucky guy!)

Laughing with friends on top of the world, 1

More Laughter and Friends.

Friendship makes the world go round.

Even this Politico can campaign in the Dark when I have a great set of awesome people around me.

Thanks to all who took a picture with me!

A final tune:

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