Saturday, July 14, 2012

Romney's Road to 270 (Summer Edition)

[This was supposed to publish last night, but technical difficulties ensued] [Of Course.]

It's Friday the 13th and hot and muggy here in the Basin.  This is the time I watch cheesy Vampire movies on my laptop.  But, before I do, here is a post no one will notice until the Fall.

While everyone is noticing the tactic against Romney here in the Dog Days, they are neglecting President Obama's strategy of trying to knock out his opponent (again).

One would think that Liberals would accept their opponents, nope they want to criminalize us (Look forward to the Politics of Love beats Politics of Hate post.) So, before I hang out in the dark cheering the (non-sparkly) Vampires, I'm going to show you why Romney will win.

First, here is 2008:

Obama v. McCain 2008

And here is the 2012 Map of States in Play:

And here is my prediction, so far:

How did I get here?

Let's follow the winds from West to East....

NV: Large Mormon population and large unemployment. Plus, Nevada will never support a President who disses Las Vegas. 

NM: Drifting Right

CO: Drifting Left

IA: This and the Farm Bill.

IN:  Read this -- Democrats rarely win this state.

OH: A strong Republican Governor trumps a weak President. (OH always picks Presidential winners)

VA:  A major base for the military. President Obama has to sequester funds from them. Game, set, match. Romney.

NC: Convention or no, NC is a reliably R state.  

NJ: Three words: Governor Chris Christie

MA: Romney's Home base, if he cannot win here, what is he doing?   

NH: By default, they are Social Liberterians and Fiscal Conservatives -- they tried Obama, he didn't work out.  Plus Romney is a local guy. 

Now, these are my predictions, state by state, what is yours?

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