Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mental Health, Madness and Random Violence, Part One

What is the different between Political Violence and Random Violence?

Political Violence is the idea of killing (or silencing) those whose views differ from the State (or in some areas, the Rebels).

Random Violence is unplanned and uncalled for.  What happened in Aurora was Random Violence.

Most times, there is a connection between Random Violence and Mental Health issues.

I have detailed my issues with Bipolar Depression here.  And then fighting against a Government Bureaucracy to get pills that alleviate the problem occurred here. (Why am I capable of commenting on how bad Government works? I lived through it!).  So, the moment I hear some random person shoots up someplace, I wait for two things:

1) The person has some Mental Disease; and

2) It's the Rights Fault!

We will discuss (1) here.  (2) is the next post.

Dealing with Mental Health Issues 

I was lucky -- in 1999, I learned I had a Mental Health Disease.  Throughout my youth, I had battled depression in one form or another.  When you have a strong family and friends, you will be able to learn what you deal with.  As I got older, I have learned what pieces I need to stay steady.

A) Talk Therapy; and
B) Pills

If you know someone who does have a mental health problems, they cannot be left alone.  They need a network of Doctors, friends and some sort of family.  Lone Wolves cannot thrive among the laughter of friends.

If the person is thinking of hurting themselves or others, have them check in to the nearest hospital. 

What I suffer from, the late Sir Winston Churchill dealt with too. He called it "The Black Dog,"  If a man who had the greatest pedigree and the highest position in the former British Empire could suffer from depression and succeed, so can I (and you as well!).
Madness, in all its forms, is quantified by the DSM book.  It takes effort and work to find those suffering and alone to be treated.  What has helped me is my wide range of friends (Politico [DC and CA], Bloggers, and Goths).  Not everyone who is sad is Bipolar, and not every excitable person is crazy.

But what needs to be done (right now), is when it comes to Mental health issues: Cool it! 

Random Violence in the American Polity

It seems every few months, in the light of civilization, someone with a gun shoots innocents.  It is horrible.

But, the sad fact is, in certain areas of the US, it happens every day.

When Random Violence occurs, the MSM breaks out and sheds some tears.  But there is nothing about the everyday random Violence that occurs (in the dare I say it, Democratic Party Run Cities on the Map) -- there is not a word.

Because America is a large, complex and somewhat content place (no political violence), no one outside of those cities (or the Democrats that run them) care what happens.

Before we worry about the "Lone Wolves," of society, shouldn't we track down those who are destroying American lives every day? 

OK, that's my first rant.

My questions: Do you know someone dealing with mental health issues? Are you making sure they have friends, talk therapy and pills? And why do democrats ignore the random Violence in the cities they run?

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