Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charles Pierce, Political Editor of Esquire, Turns a Blind Eye to Democratic Corruption. He makes a Good Pet.

Charles Pierce is......

.......A Democratic Poodle 
When someone has a Large Platform and considers themselves a "Journalist," (Not supposedly a "JournoList,"), their obligation (as I learned in Journalist classes at American University and UCLA,) is to "Speak Truth to Power," 

As an Elected Republican partisan and Blogger, I am not bound by Journalistic rules, but I "Speak Truth to Power," wherever Democrats hold sway (The White House, the Senate, Los Angeles City Council and California Government -- yes, I represent the Rebel Forces) and on Republican Corruption (because it damages the Party).  Charles Pierce seems to think, if a Democrat is corrupt, such as Fast and Furious (or doing SWATting), or cheated the FEC with his Mistress, ignore it! 

Charles Pierce wrote a column: How can we help Obama today?

Or every Charles Pierce column, in short: IOKIYAD.  

Look above at the second picture, I'm sure the DNC must be happy having a "JournoList" write the same column again and again.

Even though this week, Pierce is feigning "outrage," at anonymous Death from Above from Drones, it matters little (Giving Tom Junod the byline) Unlike the tea party, they refuse to hold Democrats to any standard. And unlike a real reporter, Charles Pierce refuses to engage with Politicos who are on the other side of the Political line. 

Pierce can do sports and snark, but he has no clue how Politics works (It requires give and take and use of "Saving face," to get Policy done).  

Here is how Pierce, using his large platform of Esquire Magazine, protects Democrats:

Rangel's corruption? Nothing.

Chicago corruption? Nothing.

Bankruptcy of Democratic cities? Nothing.

Border Agent Brian Terry's Death? Nothing

Nanny State Overreach? Nothing.

The question is, how much for that Charles Pierce in the window? 

My question to you: Why does Charles Pierce do the Democratic National Committee's bidding?

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