Monday, July 16, 2012

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman, LAUSD, Part 4

Chairman Deasy,

Nothing? No response?

Are you a Bureaucrat or a Leader?  If you are the former, welcome to being made an issue during this busy campaign year.  

Let me explain why:

Last I checked, you wrote for the Liberal Huffington Post and show up at Los Angeles (and national) Democratic Party events.   The current Democratic Presidential  champion fought for "Obamacare," However, it seems you are busy hiring consultants and Administrators and screwing the CSEA staffers by firing them, and then hiring back with NO Health care.  

Dr. Deasy, have you no shame?

This is a Democrat YOU support.  This is a Presidential issue that YOU should get in front of.  Or, with advent of Obamacare, the prices are higher for staffers, which meant that Republicans were right all along? And you are acting like a typical Democrat, health care for me, but not for thee (CSEA staffers)?

August 14th is around the corner and you are cutting staffers left and right  without regard to Departmental History (or success).  In this Age of Contraction (i.e. "The Great Recession,"), you are using taxpayer funds to hire Consultants and six figure Administrators without regard for the Los Angeles or California taxpayer.  

And the staffers to help the kids (and departments) make the transition to make the new school year move easily? Gone.  My Mom is out and she understands how the departments show worked in were made efficient, so how many other Moms have you thrown out of LAUSD for your six figure Administrators? 

 You want to not be made a campaign issue (especially over your hypocritical stance on Obamacare and your CSEA staffers)?  

Do three things:

1) Talk with Espie Medellin, on how to bring back the staffers (with health care) before the school year starts;

2) Please account why you need six figure Administrators during "the Great recession," and why no one is cutting their pay while the private sector is going through a painful time (as are your CSEA staffers)?  Here's a hint: Visit SFVRC and Westside GOP and take questions (with CSEA people at both places) -- I dare you; and

3)  If you oppose Obamacare, speak up -- don't hide behind bureaucracy. If you support it, show LA how to implement it. Don't hide behind hypocrisy, my candidates will find out.  

Once again, with frustration.



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