Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Night Movie Night -- The Fifth Element!

Tonight, I dance at Malediction (You can take the club away from the Goth, but never the Goth away from the club).  So, before I get busy with a lot of Blog posts this week, I will show you sci-fi.

I read books, novels and magazines that deal with complex issues; But when it comes to movies, I go for the silly stuff.  This is truly silly.

While I get ready to dance among the Muses, here are some posts to look forward to this week:

A) The Power of Love > The Power of Hate (in Politics).  In short, how hatred of fellow Americans before or after votes don't equal to more votes.  I saw this in an FB conversation from someone who knows my family. The words, the attitude still shocked me on how closed minded it was and how little understanding of how the political world works from this "Smart Democrat," (Hint: NOT a Goth or a Blogger)  Yes, I will be quoting from that conversation;

B) The Scariest Words for Majority Leader Reid: Conference Committee and Appropriations Conference Committee;

C) Winning in Los Angeles (Election 2012 edition) Part 1;

D)  President Obama's Achilles Heel.  It's not what you think; and

E)  Space Colonies and the American Polity, part 2: You've landed on Earth 2 (or your scions), what happens next? That why the Valley is here.

First, some music, then the movie.

Flock of Seagulls, Space Age Love Song 

The Fifth Element

See you back here tomorrow!

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