Thursday, April 14, 2011

RPLAC April Meeting 2011

Whilst I've been to busy to Blog (I'm writing a speech and a book proposal -- both about LA!), we find ourselves back again at RPLAC for the month of April (where has the time gone?).

As always, let's start with a song....

The Church, Under the Milky Way Tonight

 This will be a live-blog. Get ready!

7:00 PM Jane Barnett calls the meeting to order
(Prayer and Pledge)

7:06 Happy Birthday to Mark Basil Vifaldes, 1st VP of RPLAC (Yay!)

7:07-10 In-house work

7:15: JB: Cleanup from CRP Convo (in Sacramento)

7:18: JB: RED STRIKE for Lydia Gutierrez for Community College Board #5

7:20 43rd AD Info (Win in Burbank! Win in Glendale!)

7:21 Reach out to Mandarin and Spanish speakers for new citizens (cmte chair)

7:22 JB: There are over 1,000 volunteers in LA and weare  striking block by block.

7:23 - 45 In-house work (now with a quorum!) To know about this section, SHOW UP.
Robert's Rules rules! 

7:46: Log Cabin GOP having Kevin James (Intro by Brad Torgan)
7:47 Ashley Nicole Ingram thanking LA Delegates for CYRF.
7:48: David Hernandez running for 42nd AD Seat (My AD!)

7:49 Univision to meet RPLAC next month

7:50 F. Tweedy: Road tour by Chairman around CA. Reaching out with media and public.

7:53 A NEW Toastmasters this Saturday!  I'm going! (maybe)

7:59 - 8:10 Transistion to debate of 36th CD GOP Candidates.

8:10: The Debate begins and the Valley shuts down for this month's meeting.

Get busy, get local, LA is in play!


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