Saturday, April 02, 2011

Doctor Who -- Image of the Fendahl

If it's the weekend, it's time for another Doctor Who episode!

This time the Fourth Doctor face magic, science and an ancient evil.  This episode you can watch with the light on.  Welcome to Image of the Fendahl!

In other Valley news, I will go back to Fisking 60 Minutes for season 43 after the season is over. When I left that beat, it did not look like the numbers balanced:

So, get ready for that soon. 

Another article will tie in Moby, Mobies, The Departed and Infernal Affairs.  Expect it between Monday and Wednesday.   This week, I will be in Political meetings on Monday and Tuesday.  Find me at Cravings in West Hollywood (42nd AD mtg) on Monday and Galpin Ford (SFVRC) on Tuesday.

Also, I am writing the book proposal (with some help from Robert McCain) about winning Los Angeles.  Names will be named and the truth will out. Everything I write in the Valley is the Truth as I see it.

Unlike others, I choose to be "The man in the arena,"  that's why I sleep well at night. 

In the battle of ideas and the soul of America, it helps to have both.  (And be predisposed to playing well with others).

And now, on this spring night enjoy the Doctor fighting the Dark Magic and science in Image of the Fendahl!

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