Wednesday, April 06, 2011

If Everything is Wrong, Then Nothing Is (Or Chaos Theory in International politics)

I like the concept of Chaos Theory; A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, and it rains in Spain, which causes a landslide in the Malibu Hills, and it keeps going...

Yes, it proves the world interconnects; Yes, the preacher in Florida was stupid.  And Yes, the folks who killed the UN were worse. 

Here's the thing:

Throughout my life, I have heard reason upon reason to not anger the "Arab Street," 

Whether it was America's support of Israel (used by the Left and PaulBots), our (former) base in Saudi Arabia (by OBL himself -- didn't President Obama say he would find him?  HA!) or the Gulf war or the Invasion and Democratization of Iraq, or.......

I can go on and on and I'm only 40. 

Here's what I know (and many props to my friend, Pamela Geller for being in front of this issue):

 Israel is the only Lighthouse for Jews when Anti-semitism rises around the world, and we're supposed to worry what people who hate us think?

How about this solution?

The Arab league recognizes Israel as is, the Islamic Countries have a religious reformation where Religion is a part of Life, not the basis of it. 

And finally, maybe the Democrats and Liberals should worry about their alliance with people who kill people when a book gets burned across the world. 

My question, why do Leftists, who supposedly support Gay Rights, Women Rights (except when it comes to Conservative woman) and Free Speech (except for Conservative speech), make friends with people who want to destroy all three? 
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