Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doctor Who -- Underworld

It's the weekend, time for another Doctor Who episode! 

Tonights episode is about the backstory of the Time Lords with the Fourth Doctor and Leela's rush to solve the mystery.  This episode is called Underworld.

Speaking of history, this week I am reading the History of California and Los Angeles in preparation for both my upcoming speech and my book proposal.

In all the information I am reading, it is how the concept of a vision became real.  I have also spoken to many people at the County and State level about the book.  Any information I do not know about any part of Los Angeles, I will learn. 

The Southland is Paradise -- the game to win politically in Paradise is almost a three tiered Chess Game (Does that make me a Vulcan?). But, by 2020, I expect to win. 

While I am trying to save the Southland, please be so kind as to hit the Tip jar.  It will help all the writing (both Blog and Book).  If I could get $800 per week that would be very helpful.  (be ready, you will see this a lot more often)

And now, enjoy Underworld!

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