Friday, April 08, 2011

High Noon on Pennsylvania Avenue

There is a simple process if you want your vision to be promoted in the Country through the federal Government:

Get your Appropriation Bills (or one big Omnibus Bill) through Congress and let the President sign it.

During the last Congress, with a supermajority in the Senate (59/60 votes) and a supermajority in the House of Representatives (255 -- over the 2/3 requirement in the House), but they didn't do what was expected:


The Majority Democrats in the 111th Congress, second session (2010) did not pass any Budget for FY2011 -- thus we are running on Continuing Resolutions, and that gives power to the Tea Party Republicans (i.e. Fiscal Conservatives), and establishment Republicans (Speaker Boehner).  Continuing resolutions is Government by last years check.

This is not 1995 where the GOP runs the whole Congress. 
This is not 1995 where unemployment was at normal rates.
This is not 1995 where the Speaker is an ideologue, Boehner is establishment.

Majority leader Reid and President Obama are both Democrats could easily negotiate against one House of Congress.  Reid's complaints fall upon deaf ears, HE SHOULD HAVE PASSED THE APPROPRIATION BILLS IN 2010!!!!!

And as I mentioned earlier in the Valley, President Obama does not know what Republicans believe in.

Here is what Speaker Boehner (as Clint Eastwood) faces:

Senator Reid is Tuco, always ready to be uncivil with a kind face and President Obama is Angel Eyes, he betrays any ideal that will get him closer to the gold. 

Again, this standoff could have been avoided is Reid and Pelosi would have passed the Appropriation bills LAST YEAR!!!!!

Finally, don't believe the hype about the standoff, the Republican "Adults," are cleaning up the Democrats mess, again, (i.e 1980)

My question: Why did the Democrats wimp out on passing the budget, LAST YEAR?!?!

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