Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Long GOP Majority: Prelude

While the President is causing traffic havoc on the Westside of LA (Hey, Westside of Los Angeles, if you don't want the traffic havoc in 2013, vote for the GOP candidate!), I have been thinking of a conversation I had over Passover dinner.

(My Mom made the best Passover dinner EVAH and my sister and her boyfriend are AWESOME people, just needed to be said).

As someone who sees nodes that most people in politics don't, I can say "Signs point to yes," for a long GOP majority.

Here are the chapters to explain:
1: Moby, Mobies and Infernal Affairs
2.  Craziness, Lost Messages and the Army of the 12 Monkeys
3. Winning without an Angel's Heart

Yes, in each chapter, a movie is referenced.

But before we begin, please note a few things:

A) This is charity week in the Valley, please donate to either Fisher House and/or Freedom House.

B) Any Long GOP majority requires investment in the Los Angeles GOP; and finally,

C) Keep your eye on the Valley! We catch the Political trends early.
Before we rise, here is a song about falling,
Tom Waits, The Earth Dies Screaming

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