Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Philosophical Treatise on Friendship and Humankind

Last night, I went out to Ruin, where I saw some old friends (and new ones).  I danced with my Muses (as always, pining for one).

But then a ghost of the early past reared it's head.

Remember how upset I was during the Arizona shooting and subsequent demonization? The person who de-friended me (and then proceeded to kick when I was down on his page) showed up at the Goth club I've been going to for over two years. 

Friends and family tell me he shouldn't bother me, treat him like a flea, etc.

But here's the thing, he had a business that uses Ebay a lot.  His bete noire was Meg Whitman, and if you read my Blog over the last election cycle, I stuck my neck out because I listened to my friend. 

When the election was over (to his happiness) I never even got a "Thank you," for putting my neck on the line. 

Then Arizona happened.

Anyone who knows me in real time or on the Blogosphere know of my disease (as I have re-capped over The Plague year and Shaking the Disease); Everyone knows I am dealing with Government run health care and it's not as good as the theory.  (TRUST ME, I HAVE STORIES).

I have Bipolar depression.  Everyone knows it -- I do what I can to deal with it. 

After sticking my neck out for someone I thought was my friend, he felt it necessary to kick me when I was down.  What kind of human does that?

And his attitude is, he is always affected by the news, no one else is; And his way of helping is THE only way of doing things, others are peons.  Only egotists think like that.

A guiding force in my life is "PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS,"  If I am on the battlefield of political ideas, how I treat my friends and others is a weapon that can be used for or against me.  If someone wants to get involved and they feel closer the Democrats, I point them in the Right (ahem) direction.  The kindness shown today will pay back later.

Except for those who hate Meg Whitman.

My theory on humankind and friendship is that without our small hypocrisies, our private side (as long as others are not hurt by it), no one should judge that people are flawed.  We are all flawed.  Hence, why I am a Conservative.

If you run around saying: "Oil Companies suck," Then don't drive a car in Los Angeles.  Or better yet, move out of Los Angeles and live in a place with public transportation; You can't lead on that issue if you are plainly hypocritical of what you do. 

(That's why no one of the Right believes in Global warming  -- those screaming "The Sky is falling," are doing nothing in their personal lives to back it up.)

I am nowhere near perfect, I don't expect everyone to take my views 100% of the time (G-d help me! That would be a boring world!).  But I can convince, I can argue, in real time and in the Valley. about my views.

Because I am Old School, I keep a sense of honor in an Industry filled with backstabbing and underhandedness (usually a bug not a feature), not unlike the Movie/TV Industry.  A sense of honor can keep the craziness down.

I don't complain when the voters don't vote my way, nor do I call them stupid.  To what end? The voters are always smarter then the politicans.  It's my job to figure out the tide of opinion and get my Political tribe to ride it.  That's what Partisans do. 

OK, rant over.  People can be flawed and hypocritical, but not when they are shouting from the rooftops. 

I still don't get anyone who needs a "Hate-gasm," to express their political opinion. 

Otherwise, I shall go back to dancing in the dark. 

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