Saturday, April 09, 2011

Doctor Who -- The Sun Makers

It's the weekend, settle back, pick up a pint and watch another episode of Doctor Who!

This week's episode is good for my politico friends and sci-fi geeks.  Here is an episode where the dangers of the State's growing taxation destroys a society on Pluto.  This episode is known as The Sun Makers.

In other news, the book proposal has begun!  The unpublished article is Chapter One in the book and I am now writing the introduction.  On paper, I have broken the book down chapter by chapter.  I will be all over Los Angeles researching this book.  I will also haunt the Libraries on the story of Water and Los Angeles and the history of this City.  

Parallel to the non-fiction book (written with help from Robert McCain), I have the basis for a fiction book.  All you need to know is Los Angeles is where it takes place.  The when? A few days after tomorrow.   To be continued....

And thanks to the Great Little Miss Attila, I will be giving a speech in late May to the renewed "Bear Flag League,"  (Watch the sidebar for more news on that!)

Also, tonight, at Ruin, I will be putting together the beginnings of a Los Angeles Goth GOP/Tea Party/Libertarian Group.  More news on this probably in a few months.  The seeds get planted tonight.  

And now, I hope my politico friends, tea partiers and sci-fi geeks all watch, The Sun Makers!

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