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California Primary Endorsement Post #2 -- City of Angels (and one in SD and SB)

"Hip" Map of LA

Here we go!

A quick Reminder for Endorsements:

RPLAC = Republican County of Los Angeles;
CRA = California Republican Assembly (From the Right); and
RLC = Republican Liberty Caucus (Libertarian and Ron Paul Supporters).

***Also, these are my endorsements.  Though I am part of a few Republican organizations, these choices are my own and do not reflect on any group. *****

First though, I am going to travel south to a contested campaign.  Because I don't like the way he has been treated by some Social Conservatives (This person is particularly homophobic -- Reagan's Eleventh commandment does not matter; Only HER vision of what America used to be.)  I'm a Goth and don't take kindly to people not wanting people in my culture [Goths] and District [Reagan's old Home District has West Hollywood where I have many friends] out of the GOP.

After DeMaio's office was attacked, rather then stand behind each other, Jorgensen did not say anything.  This is not cool.  

I endorse DeMaio in CA52 (SDGOP)

And my friend John A. wanted me to give a shout out to a candidate in San Benandino:

I endorse Lesli Gooch for CA-31 (SBGOP).  She is a Pragmatic Conservative, we need more like that in DC.

State Assembly Districts

Now, welcome to LA!

Here are the Assembly candidates (not all endorsed by RPLAC) and any asterisks means I can vote for them.

AD 36 (Palmdale) -- Suzette Martinez
AD 38 (Santa Clarita) -- Scott Wilk (RPLAC)
AD 43 (Burbank) -- Todd Royal
AD 45 (W. SFV) -- Susan Shelley (RPLAC and she is a good friend. Vote for her!)
AD 46 (Sherman Oaks) Zachary Taylor (RPLAC)
AD 48 (West Covina) Joe Gardner (RPLAC)
AD 49 (Monterey Park) Estrela Siergist (RPLAC)
AD 50 (MY District) Brad Torgan (RPLAC) Vote for this guy, he rocks!*
AD 52 (Ontario) Dorothy Pineda (RPLAC)
AD 54 (Culver City) Glen Ratcliff
AD 55 (Diamond Bar) Ling-Ling Chang
AD 57 (Whittier) Rita Topalian (RPLAC)
AD 62 (Inglewood) Ted Grose (RPLAC)
AD 63 (South Gate) Adam Miller (RPLAC)
AD 66 (Torrance) David Hadley (RPLAC)
AD 70 (Long Beach) John Goya (RPLAC)

SD 18 (SFV) Ricardo Benitez (RPLAC)
SD 20 (Ontario) Matthew Munson (RPLAC)
SD 24 (East LA) William Morrission (Good friend of mine, please vote for him!)
SD 32 (Whittier) Mario Guerra (RPLAC)
SD 34 (Huntington Beach) Janet Nguyen (RPLAC)

And we return to the Big Map for a Big State!

OK! My favorite races to follow!

Let's walk in LA to see all the different districts!

CD 23 (Kern)  Rep. Kevin McCarthy (RPLAC)

CD 25 (Santa Clarita/Palmdale) Steve Knight  -- This seat is where "Buck" McKeon is retiring. A lot of hard words and backstabbing is occurring here.  To keep the past in the past (as it were -- more on the dead at another time), I endorse Steve Knight.  (But I will happily work with Tony Strickland if he wins).

CD 26 (Ventura County) Jeff Gorrell (RPLAC)

CD 27 (Pasadena) Jack Orswell (RPLAC)

CD 29 (East SFV) William Leader (RPLAC)

CD 30 (West SFV) Pablo Kleinman -- Another harsh campaign fr a vote rich territory.  My rule remains the same, my choice for the primary, the winner gets my support for the General.  In this heavily Jewish area, Kleinman represents the area well.

CD 32 (West Covina) Arturo Alas (RPLAC) -- I am happy to support him! Go Alas Go!

CD 33 (MY Home district -- Waxman's old district and Reagan's home district)
Elan Carr.  No one else matters.  He is legit, his campaign is strong and no amount of re-districting should make any seat safe for any party.  The House is still going to be Majority Republican.  If the Westside and Beverly Hills want a voice, vote Carr!*

CD 37 (Culver City) Adam King (RPLAC)

CD 39 (Fullerton) Rep. Ed Royce (RPLAC)

CD 43 (Inglewood) John Wood (RPLAC)

CD 47 (Long Beach) Andy Whallon (RPLAC)

And finally, here comes the Judges! (AL RPLAC endorsed)

Office #61 LA County Dayan Matthai
Office #76 LA County Allison Matsumura Estrada
Office #87 LA County Steven Schreiner
Office #107 LA County Joan Chrostek
Office #117 LA County Judge James Pierce
Office #138 LA County Donna Hollingsworth Armstrong
Office #157 LA County Andrew Cooper
Office #157 LA County Arnold Mednick

See you at the voting booth!

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  1. I'm having aPauline Kael moment today. I really don't know any Republican who supported Kashkari, and yet the results are in.

    I'm cool with Mark Reed running against Sherman, but the opposite strategy seemed smarter: run the Tea Party guy at the top and run moderates lower on the ticket.

    We shall see.


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