Thursday, June 05, 2014

May 2014 Rule 5 Tip jar Post (One Gothy Muse I met + One Surprise Muse)

'The Valley is back on.....thank you all for being patient.

Note I did not ask (or take...or get...) any Tip Jar requests during this time.  However, good news is that the Valley should be up and running Full Time soon.  For now, it remains on in the Dead of Night.

Please hit the Tip jar for this month...the goal is $300.  Thanks.
(Or go to the Sidebar and donate. Thanks! ---->)

Now, another beautiful Muse I have encountered in the Goth world, her name is Malice (Alice) McMunn. She is sweet, has a wicked sense of humor and is the woman you want having your back in Bartertown.

Before we go forward with this beauty, please hit the Tip Jar. (Some of this will help me take her out to dinner in July; She is also good friends with another Gothy Muse I think is beautiful: Kat Von D).

 and the Holy Spirit of Tattoo Art!

Malice McMunn!  

From Wikipedia! (Alt. Models)  Photo by  © Glenn Francis,

Covers of books!

In Rolling Stone Magazine!

Wasteland Weekend

Tough, but a big heart

 Two Muses with one Picture!

My Favorite Picture of Malice

Malice, contemplating the Universe. 

And her Publicity picture!

Follow this wonderful Muse on Twitter (NSFW), and Facebook.
Instead, find her dancing at Goth Clubs and Cheetah's Hollywood. (NSFW)

Thanks for reading the Valley.

Onward to November!

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