Thursday, June 05, 2014

Drop Your linen and Start Your Grinnin': Bringing Together the CAGOP + RPLAC for November

If I was in charge post-Primary 2014, here is what should be happening and said:

First, I promise "NO KUMBAYA!" The song gets on my nerve and most of us are professional enough to know that this song below is our theme:

Second, every Statewide Primary (legit) R Candisate should have a public and private meeting with their fallen opponents.  Their Staffs and volunteers should also meet and get together. Discuss tactics against the Majority D's and their allies in the Media.  Get everyone pointing in the same direction.

 Pizza is always good to get people together.  No wars have ever started over Pizza.

[Subsection for Mr. Kashkari: Congrats from JSF in the Valley!  Though I use New Media, I forgot that  Air Forces (i.e. Commercials) defeat Ground Forces.  YOU must publicly reach out to Donnally to stop a Civil War from occurring fast.  I want to help, don't confuse warnings with opposition.  
[I know the stakes, many do not.  This is Politics; You might be at the Top of the Ticket but if the Loyalists on the Ground are ignored or not in your circles, this will be Election 2010 (and 2012) all over again.
[Trust me, some bitter volunteer feeling deja vu (and they are many and legion), might do more harm against you then Governor Brown's dirty Tricks.  Know the best activists in ALL 52 County and tap their brain trust.  Much better then Ivy League]

In each county, do the same. If Primary opponents get together and create strategies (along with staffs and volunteers), we have the beginnings of a United front.

But like the poor Marines in Aliens, they weren't out of the woods when the set up a base.  The place was still ready to blow. (Thanks Bishop!)

Third: There are three major branches in CA Republican Politics.  If I was Chairman, I'd bring the County leaders of those branches (CRA, RLC and Reagan Caucus) to discuss bringing their respective groups together for November.  This is NOT a convention but a private meeting to get everyone in line with one thought:

If ONE California Republican is attacked,

[Note to Mr. Kashkari: If any of the Down Ticket candidates are being unfairly attacked by the media (not the D's), defend them.  Loyalty goes both ways.  As a former New Yorker, my one worry is if you can take Governor Brown's dirty tricks.  Please, prove me wrong]

Fourth: Our quiet Donor Class.

They have an outright disdain for our volunteers, yet without us on the ground in all 52 Counties, there would be NO Republicans in Sacramento or DC.  I humbly request the presence of the Donors to find the Pragmatic Activists within each County Party.  Meet them and plan for the future.  Donating one cycle at a time leads no one to victory.

[Note to Mr. Kashkari: Whitman's and Romney's staff (the same people) ignored the people who had years and years of On the Ground experience.  When Reagan won in all his elections, he TOOK Los Angeles County. Find those activists. Wine them and dine them.  And get the donors to love these unsung heroes]

Fifth: This all has to be done under six weeks.  If we have a unified front, nothing can stop the California Republicans from shaking the world before 2016.  We have 55 Electoral Votes in this state, if the RNC and every R POTUS candidate wants us, they have to fight with us!

[Note to Mr. Kashkari: Rallies and Fundraisers in all the 52.  Bring in big names from out of state. If they do not help you or the down ticket candidates, let the County Chairs know.  Make Los Angeles the battlefield once you Unite with Donnally's forces. Thank me after you win.  You haven't crossed the finish line yet.]

Finally, there are some people who claim to be in the GOP who will never be satisfied with who the candidates actually are or if you veer from their closed version of the Party.  Don't follow them.  We are the People who are the David's against the bureaucratic Goliath of Sacramento and DC.  How to win CA and LA are future posts this summer.

[Mr. Kashkari, next time you are in LA, contact this only Goth Blogger Republican.  I don't want another Whitman or Romney. We need to fight]  

My question: What are doing to unify for November?


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