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A Modern Media Mantra: With Questions @jayrosen_nyu, @GregMitch and @LATimesrainey WON'T Answer

Things America agreed upon in earlier times;
Today which freedom to defend by the Fourth estate
 depends on which Political side you're on

I might not be that old (Born in 1970 when it was bad for Presidents to spy on the public and use the IRS against Political enemies. Times change), but I remember when Newspapers had multiple editions during the same day.

Partisans say this; Not Reporters 

It did not take a degree from Harvard or Yale to understand Human nature.  

First the Mantra (written by Yours Truly) with Annotations, 
then the questions that are never answered by "Media Analysts":

A Media Mantra for the Modern Age (2014 Edition)

The job of a Reporter is to inform, not weigh in or judge;
The job of a TV Reporter is to inform, with sight and sound, but not with judgement;
The job of a Radio Reporter is to inform, with sound, but not weigh in,

The Partisan Press can be partisan, but hypocrisies are fair play here;
   It is the role of the Old and New Fourth estate
to keep the Partisans Fair.

The Role of the Old Fourth Estate is be Against those in Power,  
 Whichever Party is in Power,
The Old Fourth estate 

The Role of the New Fourth estate is to keep an eye on
    The Old Fourth estate;
The Old Fourth Estate should not Collude or bend any knee
    For ANY President, Senator or Governor.
The New Fourth Estate must learn protocol and diplomacy
   to get information from People in Power;

When the WHCD and WHCA 
 Laugh with those currently in office,
And excuse things that made them angry
Under the Last Administration.

  There are only Barbarians.

And since I might confuse those with Ivy educations working in the Eastern Newsrooms,  here is the annotations (or Cliff note's in my day):

Reporters: The baseline of who meets the people involved in the stories and then writes those stories;

Partisan Press: i,e. MSNBC, Daily Kos, the Nation from the Left and National Review, Weekly Standard, Fox News (evening) and Talk Radio for the Right (and multiple Blogs such as this one);

Old Fourth estate: Newspapers, TV and Radio News Stations, and Fox (daytime). 
New Fourth Estate: Bloggers, macro and micro; the general public watching the reporters.  Or to put it simply: Quis custodiat ipsos custodes?

WHCA: The White House Correspondents Association
WHCD: The White House Correspondents Dinner aka "Nerd Prom"

The Current Administration: The Obama Administration (D)
The Past Administration: The George W. Bush Administration (R)

Partisans: Those who fight for and against candidates and ideologies. 
It is the Partisan's job convince the public to vote for their candidate, using the information gleaned from Reporters. 
 This is not the Reporters Job! (Put this in the AP Stylebook)

Barbarians: When Rome fell, they took over.  Or the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.

 That is the endgame by not following the Mantra. 


Do I have your attention Mr. Rosen, Mr. Rainey and Mr. Mitchell?

Here are my questions, any shirking of the answers confirms the End of the Mantra (A self-fulfilling prophecy, but only YOU can break it!):

How Messrs. Press, Mitchell and Rainey see themselves.
Yes, the image is correct


Republicans have always felt the media actively work against our candidates (1964, 1992 , 2004 and 2012 are the Prime years they complain about).  With the rise of Fox News (evening) and Talk Radio, these activists felt they had a voice and support from News Stations.

Election Time is coming. Partisans are watching the Fourth Estate

My first question:
What has the Old Fourth estate done to mend fences with Republicans?  Why is only Fox News attacked (and by the most Powerful Man in America) and their audiences spat upon by the Old Fourth estate? 

First question, subsection A)
If fences are not mended, what do members of the Old Fourth expect to happen? 


Even with High end degrees, the modern Reporter from a National Newspaper understands little to nothing about protocols, people or the differing branches within the GOP. It does not take a genius to figure out if someone likes you or not.

 There have been many stories I knew from my time in DC how Reporters like hanging out with Democrats and very warily (say, like any writer of The Atlantic magazine or the NYT -- which has not endorsed a Republican for President since 1956) visit Republicans in social settings unless they had to.

Do you have any on the ground Tea Party or GOP person as a contact?

Also, with this current Administration there is a fluidity between the Old Fourth estate and the White House,
In 2008, there was the "Journolist," and the Media Rape of Governor Palin (which no reporter, columnist or Media analyst stood up to Andrew Sullivan AT ALL.).  

My Second Question: 
When the Democrats needed an Emmanuel Goldstein, the New Yorker wrote up a story on the Koch Brothers, yet there are no stories about corrupt Democratic financiers?  Look how Leland Yee was discovered, not through any Journalist of the Old Fourth estate!

And here is the most important question, which I think an answer is deserved:

Second Question, subsection A) 
Where are the modern Woodward and Bernsteins during the First Democratic Administrations or even the First Obama Administration? Or even when the Democrats hold Power in Government? 
(No News Reporter ever cares if Minority Leader Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid are corrupt. At all.)


James Fallows of The Atlantic and Media Matters  are on a crusade to silence Republicans from ever appearing or have their voices heard in the Media. This borders into 1984 and Eastern Bloc Secret Police territory. In a country that prides itself with the Bill of Rights, the quiet watchdog of the media turns into a poodle when it comes to the Democratic Party/ 

If it is bad for a GOP President to do something,
why do Democrats in Power get a free ride doing the same thing?

Third Question:  
In a bicameral Two party system, why does Fallows' call for censorship not wake up the Watchdogs of the Fourth estate?  Fallows is promoting China Communist Government tactics in America.

Third question, subsection A)
 If Reporters daily lives allows them to NOT interact with people and activists from one of the two major parties in America, why should they be trusted to report the News?

All the Major Media read and watch the same things to inform them. Epistemic Closure indeed!

Every major reporter follows the lead of the New York Times (No endorsement of Republicans for President since 1956), the Huffington Post (Founded by a Liberal), Media Matters (a Liberal check on the press), and the Daily Show (Holds Republicans accountable, not President Obama or Democrats in Congress).  See a trend, yet? 

Third Question, subsection B)
In stories about Republicans, why does the Fourth estate have NO Republican contacts? 

I have seen more wrong stories by the Old Fourth estate about Republicans then I have lived.  If Reporters cannot get intra-party Politics and personalities correct, why are they there?

Gentlemen, that is your Homework assignment. 

Please write your answers on your respective platform. No claiming false dichotomy or any weasel word cop-out.  The major media is not trusted by half of American Political activists, step up. 

The Right side of the line is doing more for First Amendment rights then you gentlemen (or the Left)

Republicans on the Modern Media. You are too scared to talk to us.

Ignoring concerns on the Right is the De Facto act when questions are put to the media.  Some of us around the country are saying "No more,"

MY question to my audience:  Your thoughts on the Modern Media Mantra?

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