Tuesday, June 03, 2014

California Primary 2014 Endorsement Post #1: Tops of the Ticket

Let's take it from the Top and move down ticket.

First some music:

***These are individual endorsements. These endorsements are not from any Organization from which I am a member.  They are mine, and mine alone.  Asterisks are those Ballots that I can vote for. Enjoy the ride!****

RPLAC is Republican County of Los Angeles County;
CRA is the California Republican Assembly (From the Right); and
RLC is the Republican Liberty Caucus (Libertarian and Ron Paul supporters)

Governor's Race:  Assemblyman Tim Donnally (Endorsed by RPLAC, CRA, RLC)*
This race has caused a little chaos down among the activists; But for me, it is the Honorifics in front of Mr. Donnally's name that helps. He has run campaigns, he has moved among the ground forces.

In the battle between Establishment DC Republicans vs. Local Control, Donnally has taken the time to work the Ground.  Kashkari flew in with his funds and DC backing.  As we saw with Meg Whitman and Governor Romney, that is not enough.  

Lt. Governor: Ron Nehring (RPLAC, CRA)*
I have known Chairman Nehring on and off since SUNY-Stonybrook.  He is a solid leader and would be the best person in Sacramento to keep Gov. Brown (D) in check if he wins; And he can help Gov. Donnally (R) if he wins. In other words, the Valley calls voting for Nehring a win-win!

Secretary of State: Pete Peterson (RPLAC, CRA)*
This is the race where California Democratic Party hypocrisy was exposed in Assemblyman Leland Yee.  (Follow the links for the whole story)

With a Democrat, a former GOP now a NPP [No Party Preference] candidate, all that is left is Pete Peterson. When you go NPP as a candidate, I think "Someone who stands for nothing, etc." As an active partisan, you understand the system then you make it better.

AG: Former State Senator Phillip Wyman (Endorsed by RPLAC, CRA) *

Treasurer: Greg Conlon *

Controller: Mayor Ashley Swearengen (Endorsed by RPLAC, CRA)*

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lydia Gutierrez (RPLAC, CRA) She is a dedicated school teacher and a friend of mine.  This one I want you to pull the lever for. *

Insurance Commissioner: State Senator Ted Gaines (RPLAC, CRA)*

Now the Tops of the Los Angeles Ticket (after a musical Interlude):

Prop 41:  Yes (in theory), No (due to reality). *
With the spotlight (finally) on Veteran and VA problems, the calling for Bonds for Housing is good.

California can handle the first half (raising the funds) of the equation easy, but when it comes down to following through, I need only drive by Skid Row or walk along Santa Monica Promenade and Venice beach to know of promises broken by the State (including the Federal Mammon).

I endorse the idea, but the follow through failing again does not bring me hope.  

Prop 42:  Yes, yes and YES! *
Local Governments (City and State) are the closest to the people.  If there is no way to keep our local candidates honest, within a one Party system, an Assemblyman Leland Yee appears saying one thing ("Guns are bad,") and doing another (Gun smuggling with criminals)

What our officials say in the Governmental sphere is important.  It is who they are.

Sheriff -- The only legitimate "R" is corrupt; so I had to find a candidate who is not corrupt who errs on the side of treating "Law and Order," by the book: I endorse Bob Olmstead. *

Assessor -- I endorse wholeheartedly (since I have met him many, many times): John Morris (RPLAC)*.
He will clean out the corrupt office of the assessor.  While he might be a prosecuter, he can delegate and has a good sense of who is right and honest.  Both LA papers (the Times and the News) Endorsed him as well.

Finally, who is in charge of tax collecting? Meet your Board of Supervisor member:

District 2  -- George Runner (RPLAC, CRA)*

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