Sunday, October 07, 2007

Without History or Precedence

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After being sick, then busy, I have returned back to the Valley! While I was gone, I had a chance to look at this post at Althouse discussing Clarence Thomas' book and the New York Time Editorial that came in response.

There were issues in the past between the Democrats and the Civil Rights crowd (Senator Theodore Bilbo [D-MS], anyone?). After all, the Democrats for years depended on "The Solid South" as part of the New Deal Coalition.

But this post is not about Democratic party sins, but about modern Democrat forgetfulness.

Let's get a little modern and international. This Senator from Tennessee chastised President Bush fils about the ties between terrorism and Iraq in 1992:

And these speeches give on November 15 and December 16, 1998 describes the problems of Iraq. These speeches were given by President Clinton:

So, a President who offered the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act has a wife running (and according to The Economist, succeeding) for the Presidency on the support of dealing with dictators. When did the party of Wilsonianism become Nixonians?

The Anti-war crowd talks without knowledge of their own history or precedence. If the partisans talk like this on international issues, imagine how the Democrats memory is on domestic issues?

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  1. Every party always remembers the sins of the other party and not their own. Neither party is immune from this sickness. It's sad though.


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