Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts in the Machine

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It's All Hollows Eve, time to be wary of lycanthropes, zombies and spooks. The Spooks in our story do not haunt houses, but security policy. Sun Tzu said "Intelligence is the first line of defense," But what if that first line is being decimated by it's own watchers?

Quis custodiet ipsos custode? Who watches the watchers?

Most Congressional Democrats are up in arms about Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] Director Michael Hayden investigating the Inspector General [IG] of the CIA; But the watchers of our watchers are not pure either; Mary O. McCarthy leaked information regarding Renditions from the IG's own investigations. She worked on the IG CIA staff. If renditions are leaked to the press, what else was brought out of secrecy?

The whole purpose of the CIA/NSA/etc. is to be able to work off intelligence that is not released to the public. If the IG goes public, can you blame the Agency for not trusting their own watchers?

Something Democrats and the Press need to understand, the Military, the National Security Apparatus, a majority of the Federal Agencies exist to protect this country no matter which President is in charge. The people working for a President on January 19 of one administration will still be there on January 21 with a new administration.

No President owns these agencies. Nor do any political parties, but from the attack on General Petreaus to the politicizing of foreign policy (again I must repeat Senator Vandenburg's dictum: Politics must stop at the waters edge), the Democrats have acted that since they have no control, the Republicans should not have control either.

Imagine a country without a strong Executive or Intelligence, what do you have? Lebanon or Ethiopia. Do Democrats want America to go the same route?

My question is this: Since the Church Committee (and during the Clinton era, the Torriccelli Amendment), the CIA has been hampered from doing their jobs; why should Democrats be trusted with the National Security Apparatus when they are so determined to destroy it?

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  1. ghosts in the government and dracula has no clothes.


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