Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Sea made smaller

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While the Democratic party and their partisans are trying to destroy diplomacy between nations and weaken Executive Branch power in foreign affairs, the region known as the Caspian Sea, is building towards a climax that will affect oil and heating prices at least ten years down the line.

Just last week, Putin met with President Ahmadinajad regarding control of the Caucuses, and specifically, the state of Azerbaijan, with the city of Baku. Putin sends oil out to Europe through pipelines, the Caspian Oil is still in the process of being shipped east through Turkey (Hmm, does Speaker Pelosi believe in causation?) towards the West. Russia is also building pipelines towards the east, towards China, in (friendly) competition with Iran.

China is already exploiting the chaos in the Sudan to extract oil from that Government. Meanwhile, President Ahmadinijad is working on a multitude of deals with President-for-life Hugo Chavez. Some of which include oil controls.

Between Iran and Russia, the Caspian Sea has become a lake. Deals are negotiated to spite "the evil Bush," Unfortunately, Democrats, to quote Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride, foreign policy does not mean what you think it means. If enemies of American sovereignty are building deals to cripple the United States economically, does your rhetoric help the situation?

Since 1989, the world has experienced Globalization -- everything (including this Blog Post on the geographically diffuse Internet) is interconnected. China is entering the industrial age, sacrificing Mao for Thatcherism, they are beginning to expand their reach. The Caspian Sea is the Oil Ring that will bind the Middle East, Russia and Asia together. Iran's ties to Venezuela (and Chavez' ties within South America) can bring back the Oil Shock of the 1970's, if OPEC stands behind each deal.

The Caspian Sea borders Russia, Central Asia, Iraq and Iran. My questions are: How will the art of Diplomacy stave off an Economic Sword of Damocles? What Democrat believes in American Power to be used to protect American interests? Conservatives and Republicans believe in American exceptionalism, do the Democrats?


  1. JSF,
    The next secretary of state is going to have a hell of a job. They're going to need to go from country to country apologizing for the last 8 years and try to re-forge alliances.

    In the meantime, we had really better start putting more of our resources into technology that will get us beyond a petroleum-based economy and make ourselves a whole lot more self sufficient so that we don't have to get ourselves involved in imperialism (exceptionalism? That's not even a word. Let's call it what it is.) just to stay afloat.

    But I have no expectations that the Democrats are going to get it right. If we're lucky they'll just get it slightly less wrong.

  2. JSF, did you get my comment on this? It hasn't shown up.

  3. Aurora,

    I think Blogger ate your comment...try again.


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