Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leading by Formality

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Jason, of Washington Interns Gone Bad, asked in The Senate, in Action post: Shouldn't I stand above the douchebaggery of the Democrats? This came on the heels of my saying,

"If the Democratic party, their partisans, operatives, et. al. learn to say Mea Culpa more often, I might shut up about the issue."

Between coming down with a cold (which I still have), and re-reading all my posts, I've come up with a few answers.....

A) Between Thanksgiving and the first day of the 110th Congress, I said a lot of good words about my former party. There should be some period of time where partisanship does not rule. I've expressed it here in the Valley between November 2006 and January 3 2007. It has been done.

B) Goldwater to Nixon moments: It happens in GOP circles, but never within Democratic ones. I've spent a lot of words describing how Democrats do not allow dissent (i.e. Senator Lieberman, Rep. Brian Baird), but they refuse to clean up if they cross the line into crassness describing Conservatives and Republicans. A Mea Culpa when a Democratic partisan goes overboard will bring some civility back to the process.

C) If I stand up first, does that mean the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos or the Heathlander will step down? No.

Here is my acknowledgement: I never wish ill upon Democrats or their partisans or allies. However, I expect the same in return. I don't hate any politician but I don't have to like them either (Read: President and Senator Clinton). I like mutual assured agreements, not one sided loss of weaponry.

As I've said many times in the Valley, I am a partisan. However, I do not come with the attitude that "The Left is Evil, they must be wiped out," No, they are Americans who have different views than me. When I read Moveon or Code Pink, I see Americans who want me to shut up and wiped out. That isn't right either. My attitude is: discuss, maybe get them to move an inch or two in my direction.

When Congress is in session, I play my role. This is a political Blog, I can't just lower my guns until I know the bigger blogs and partisans are playing by the same rules. It's not right or perfect, but I'd like to see more Democratic partisans and Bloggers with the same attitude I have.

Deserts have more water than Democrats who can be civil and disagree. Jason, you are civil and can disagree -- most of your tribe do not follow you. They should, but they don't.


  1. JSF, I give you credit for being far more civil and less bombastic than many bloggers on your side of the fence (not naming any names, but there's this more than just slightly unhinged and angry Aussie chick that comes to mind). I know that you're a partisan, and it often times frustrates me to see you ignore what I think you know is right in order to score points for your side. I see that kind of partisanship (from either side, mind you) as poisoning our democracy. When people put the good of their party ahead of the good of the country, the people lose. And I care a whole lot more about people than I do about political organizations.

    I would hope that more people in our generation on both sides would realize this and try to rise above the petty bullshit and lead others above that bullshit. Otherwise it's just all the same tired old back and forth bickering that has gotten us into the political quicksand that is on the verge of drowning us today. Both parties are equally guilty of poisoning our democracy. So saying that your side is better and the only thing standing in the way of both sides working together is some arbitrary thing that the other side needs to do is really just saying that you know that it's wrong to poison our democracy but the other guys are doing it so we have to as well. And that is just ridiculous.

    Do these Goldwater moments of yours help put food on people's tables? Does pointing fingers at a blog on the other side create jobs? Does calling a blogger antisemitic and then trying to lump in the entirety of the left with him do anything to stop Israelis and Palenstinians from killing each other? Does any of this partisan posturing actually help regular working Americans who are struggling to make a living and support our families through economic situations that have far less to offer than a generation ago with any of the problems that are facing us? Are political parties more important than the people?

    I don't want to tell you how to write your blog. If I thought you were just another dumbass right wing blogger like that Tired of All the Liberal Rhetoric nutjob, I would just leave some obnoxious sarcastic comments at you hit and run style. It's because I know that you've got more brains and heart than many of your rank and file dittohead types that I hold you to a higher standard.

  2. Jason,

    Sorry for the belated reply. Thank you for the compliments.

    However, I see the world as a kalidioscope of different things: Social, Economic, Cultural, Media, Governments.

    I stopped looking for an "ideal" world in politics when I was younger (That story is in a future Blog post). The thing I try to do here, is to always remind Democrats that, you can't use as a debate tactic, calling Conservatives and republicans ad hominims (i.e. Racists, sexists, nazi's, fascists, et. al.) without someone responding. My highlights of the heathlander and Anti-semitism is one of my responses for being called "a nazi" just for being a Republican.

    Civility in American politics will spread into other worlds (Social, media, etc). I can't stop the water from attacking my castles in the sand, but I can highlight and point out the lack of civility on the democrats. There are enough people and orginizations pointing out mine.

    Again, ideally, I shouldn't need to do this, but, we don't live in that ideal world. How do we get to this ideal world? I'm open for ideas.

  3. How do we get to this ideal world? I'm open for ideas.

    Getting rid of political parties would be a start!

  4. As I've said many times in the Valley, I am a partisan. However, I do not come with the attitude that "The Left is Evil, they must be wiped out," No, they are Americans who have different views than me. When I read Moveon or Code Pink, I see Americans who want me to shut up and wiped out.

    Our problem on the right is that we're way too 'nice'.

  5. Our problem on the right is that we're way too 'nice'.

    This coming from a lady who calls the left evil on a daily basis and blames pedophilia on liberalism? If you're too nice, I'd hate to see your idea of mean! Oh wait, your idea of mean is the same as your idea of too nice but only when it comes from the left.

  6. Jason,

    You sound like Boston Red Sox fan friend who doesn't believe in Logrolling. They are too ingrained into the system. And there is so much structures (Companies and NGO's) that tie into them. How would they be rid of? There are always Conservative views and Liberal Views.

    I believe the first step to the ideal world is first, respect of office by figures of both sides. I might disagree with folks on your side, but some of them hold offices.

    The first democrat to say: "Thank you president Bush for freeing Afghanistan and Iraq from dictatorships and for trying to spread Wilsonianism," might go a long way to getting more votes. Until than, our political culture is coarsened and hardend.


    Our elected players have no taste of street fighting for their views. Whereas the Left can publish on HuffPo or Kos, once elected, our guys forget the Blogosphere and the fight for success. I will do a future post on that.

  7. JSF, I'm not saying do away with the views. I'm saying do away with these aging institutions that have become more important to their members than the views themselves, let alone what is good for our country. Think about how so many of our discussions end. It's all a bunch of tit for tat. If only the democrats would do this then the republicans could do that and blah blah blah. It's the parties that stand in the way of progress. They have become unofficial branches of government that we do not need.


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