Monday, October 15, 2007

The Triumph of the Democratic Party Diplomacy

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I live and work in an area that is filled with Armenians. They are great people; The massacre back in 1915-1916 paved the way for Hitler's Holocaust. It deserves recognition. However, context is everything.

Every Democrat running for office (Presidential and Congressional) says that their party is better at Diplomacy and can bring countries back to the side of the United States.

When a nation recalls an Ambassador, that means the nation might cease to be an ally (This occurred a lot before the beginning of WWI). Turkey has recalled it's ambassador to the US. Also, thanks to the Democrats, our military alliance with Turkey is in trouble.

As you can see by this list, American Congress' have always recognized the Armenian Genocide. This time, it was done for a Partisan, not a political or policy reason. Even Rep. Jane Harmen (D-Long Beach) wrote an editorial asking for context.

No, the Democrats are willing to stick it in the eye of President Bush (and multiple bi-partisan Secretaries of State) rather than allow diplomacy and military alliances work. if this is the begining of how Democrats work diplomacy, it's a wonder that America will not become a pariah nation if a Democrat wins the Presidency. Shouldn't Democrats be working on Turkey Armenia Reconciliation? Mount Ararat is an Armenian holy site.

By the way, every April 24 is Armenian Rememberence Day. Remember.


  1. M.A.S.,

    Read your site, you have some good stuff. However, there was a bi-partisan set of 8(eight)Secrateries of State. Here are their names:

    Madeleine K. Albright (D-Clinton, 2nd)
    James A. Baker III (R-Bush I)
    Warren Christopher (D-Clinton, 1st)
    Lawrence S. Eagleburger (R-Bush I)
    Alexander M. Haig, Jr (R-Bush I)
    Henry A. Kissinger (R-Nixon)
    Colin L. Powell (R-Bush II)
    George P. Shultz (R-Reagan)

    It is imporatant to acknowledge the Armenians, not to use them as Political Football. And the Dems did it spacifically for Partisan reasons.

  2. The democrats really blew it on this one. They should have used this meaningless resolution as a bargaining chip to get SCHIP passed. In the grand scheme of things, insuring our children is a whole lot more important than labeling a hundred year old atrocity.


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