Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where I've been, where I'm going (ii)

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Sometimes all you need is a nap. It's been a busy few weeks at work, it's been a time changing plans from moving 3000 miles to moving in a range of 10 miles.

I can deal with changes, but sometimes, they are the changes you do not expect. Also, I was told to hold off as far as traveling east, so I can become "A new face" in DC after 2009. A little tough, but my ego is strong.

In one of my favorite comic book limited series, Wolverine, he is able to save his future bride by leaping against an assassin and not changing a beat. I changed my beat and I personally needed some time away -- sorry to all.

For now, I am looking at studios and 1 bedrooms between Magnolia Blvd and Mullholland Drive; From Studio City to Sherman Oaks. I hope to move in before my birthday (December 16).

Also, last night, I caught a local version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The words change, but the mood remains the same. As someone who caught Rocky Horror first in Forest Hills on Queens Boulevard, (when I was 15) and then in the Village, it still rocks. Silly and stupid, yes, but sometimes silly and stupid is needed to bring you out of a funk.

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