Friday, August 03, 2007

Weekly Roundup #2

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I switch shifts at work and the world caves in. Forget about the summer movie season, let's discuss these issues:

1) Senator Obama invades Pakistan!: Let us recap: President Bush went to Congress to get war Powers enacted against Iraq, then went to the United Nations to get a coalition and then a second time to help Prime Minister Blair. Right before the invasion, President Bush warns Saddam Hussain and then goes in. Senator Obama just wants to move troops to Waziristan even though (as per the book list), Pakistan is a fragile democracy and America has no ground intelligence. Going in without the UN or Congress' approval? Isn't that what President Bush is accused of?

2) The House Democrats remember the lessons of Speaker Wright: Back in the old partisan days of 1988, Speaker Wright passed the Guaranteed Deficit Reduction Act through the House by creating two legislative days in one calender day. Last night, Speaker Pelosi had the vote closed and then changed it -- and then blamed it on the voting machines. At least Wright had the courtesy of being open about looking for new votes. Remember "The Bloody 8th" and Speaker Wright's disenfranchisement of the Minority begat Speaker Newt. Democrats, if you don't want radical republicans, don't create them -- oh, it's too late. The next Republican Speaker will come from last nights voting shenanigans.

3) All Fall Down -- Say a prayer for the survivors and family of I-35 bridge disaster in Minnesota. All I ask is that you donate to the American Red Cross for the survivors.

4) This one's for Aurora and Jason: I get busy a few days and cannot Blog and the conversation breaks down?! I read both comments and posts. Instead of working on a post about my political "conversion", instead I need to have both of you visit my next post. We are all adults here, none of us are Kossites (like the Heathlander) or LGF'ers. Expect a personal email from me regarding this. But someone has to extend the hand across the aisle, who will it be?


  1. JSF, Jason isn't interested in debate. He's more interested in sniveling behind your back. Did you see the post he wrote about me at his excuse for a blog? This is what got the country into the trouble it's in in the first place, appeasing the whackjobs.
    If he's got the guts to come and face me in the open, I'm game. But somehow I doubt it.

  2. Sorry, if this psycho can't understand that disrespect to my family is not open to debate, I want nothing to do with her. Hell, after wasting a few minutes of my life on her excuse for a blog I want nothing to do with her.

  3. Disrespect to your family???? I don't even know your family. It's you I disrespect, you dweeb. You deleted my comments and now you are flinging outlandish accusations. You're unbelievable! LOL What have you got to hide?

  4. My goodness, you are one dense little bimbo, aren't you! You probably spent more time calling me a coward (how ironic coming from a chickenhawk) than you did actually reading my grievance against you. That speaks volumes about your reactionary warmongering nature, but that's not the point. So let me spell it all out for you since you are far too busy blaming every bad thing that happens in the world on liberals to take a moment to find out why somebody might have a problem with you. You disrespected my family by using a post about my daughter's potential loss of her health insurance because Bush is threatening to veto the program that allows us to afford coverage for her to post some inane rantings about Bill Clinton. Perhaps I may have overreacted, but there's a basic minimum level of humanity that I expect from people leaving comments on posts that directly affect the wellbeing of my family and you have failed to show even the slightest bit of that humanity toward me or my daughter. It's all about negative politics with you. People come before politics, and my daughter is more important to me than some foaming at the mouth neocon any day of the week.


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