Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three reasons why Democrats don't believe in Democracy

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And I thought it would be a nice, quiet end of summer.

It seems when something does not go the Democratic party's way, in either elections or in the news cycles, that members from the Democratic Party want to destroy Democracy " order to save it,"

Let's start in Iraq. Senator Carl Levin called for the overthrow of elected Iraqi leader, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. If you look at history, the Kennedy's administration ridding itself of President Diem in South Vietnam on November 2, 1963 kicked off the Vietnam War. Whereas President Bush tried to rid Iraq of a Dictator, Senator Levin wants to wipe Democracy from Iraq.

Now to sunny Florida, where, can you believe it? History is repeating itself; Democrats again are disenfranchising voters in Florida. The first time, as reported by the Washington Post, Vice President Gore tried to disenfranchise military ballots from Florida's recount. I actually knew someone in DC who was a military vote in Florida (when she was serving). She told me, "My vote didn't count in 2000 thanks to Gore," Are Democrats trying to push the Jewish Retiree votes away?

Finally, at the Huffington Post, a British born, Los Angeles based Blogger named Martin Lewis calls for the Military overthrow of the President. The founders put in civilian control of the Military. Do Democrats believe that once that freedom is taken, it will be given back?

This question is for my Democratic readers, if the results are not what you asked for, will you support the results? Or do you beleive in Military coups and assasinations if your view loses? Jason, I await your answer.


  1. I don't believe in military coups, here or in other countries. And why on earth are you calling me out on this anyway? Since when did an independent leftist humorist like me become a mouthpiece for the democratic party? You lose a good chunk of credibility by singling out democrats with one cherry picked issue (though that sort of poor logic and outrage has become your signature move so it shouldn't really surprise me). How many goddamn democratically elected foreign governments were taken down by republicans as well? Should we count up all of them and see which of the two big parties has been worse to the rest of the world? Perhaps while we're at it we can whip out our dicks and see whose is bigger since that would make about as much difference. I'm quickly tiring of this unabashed partisan bullshit. I know you know better.

  2. Democrats' eccentricities to one side, democracy per se is only acceptable as a technique for choosing officials and amending constitutions (heap big supermajority required). For the general public to vote for legislation is fatuous...almost as bad as allowing legislators to vote on it!

  3. Jason,

    You're the best person I can think of to answer this question. I'm glad you agree that Military coups are bad, in any circumstance.

    But hey, if Senator Levin (D-MI), Howard Dean and the Huffington Post can all agree, shouldn't that worry you a little?

  4. Anonymous1:54 AM PDT

    Of course the Defeatocrats would vote to take down Maliki. Political instability in Iraq would create a political vacuum (just when things are working well) which would be filled by the Ba'athists waiting like vultures on the sidelines to move in (just like the Phnom Penh did after the Defeatocrat-inspired pullout of Vietnam creating a huge bloodbath).
    As far as Martin Lewis over at Huffington Post's comments, he's an idiot, pure and simple. Would he like to be at the head of the attack on his white horse, riding in to Washington? No, he'd probably call up a few 'hire-a-protestor' Leftist loony bums to go and do his dirty work for him (and promptly get thrown into jail to rot for a few decades)...LOL...I'd love to see him try but Leftists like these are usually gutless wonders with all the 'ideas' and none of the cahones to carry anything out. It's probably something he dreamed up in one of his marijuana induced hallucinations.

  5. Jason, the only alternative to political partisanship is one government (with no opposition) the kind of government you could find in, say, North Korea. I'm sure Hillary Clinton would love that, but for us peasants at the bottom of the food chain, I think we'd prefer a choice between two (even if it's not exactly an ideal two).

  6. "Jason, the only alternative to political partisanship is one government (with no opposition)"

    You mean like Karl Rove's failed (thank Jebus!) wet dream of a permanent republican majority? Once again you are simply wrong. Any of these examples you show are of SINGLE party states. I'm talking ZERO parties. Partisans such as yourself and JSF as well as democratic partisans put the good of your political parties ahead of the good of the people of this country.

  7. Partisans such as yourself and JSF as well as democratic partisans put the good of your political parties ahead of the good of the people of this country.
    And you're not 'democratic partisan'? I think your fears of a political party which puts their own good ahead of the good of the people of this country are pretty funny considering that all your ideas come out of a classic Leftist mindset. I can predict just about every thought and every argument of the Left, at least the rank and file Left (and even the vanguard, truly evil theorists who are leading around the masses by nose rings)
    We have huge masses of Leftist protesters in Sydney right now over the next APEC week. The police have had to clear room for 500 new prisoners in anticipation of the violence which will result from their protests. And you, a Leftist, talk about 'the good of the country'...ROFL That's a good one.

  8. Jason,

    In an ideal world, there is no parties (except at someone's house to watch the NY Yankees and Washington Redskins). But, we do not live in an ideal world. You are just as partisan (C'mon, who was the last Democrat you took on? I'll even give credit for the Heathlander) as I am -- I just don't hide it.

    By the way, no party states are like LA and California, and Chevez' Venezuela, -- one party states with no accountability.

  9. JSF, shouldn't we strive toward a better system rather than just continuing to make excuses for a broken one? Just because I hate your party just a bit (OK, a big bit) more than I hate the democrats does not make me a partisan. I'm less nonpartisan and more anti-partisan. A basic scroll through my archives will see that I slam democrats just plenty, though the fact that I don't hate them quite as much as I hate republicans is reflected in my party bashing ratio. You'll see me bashing democrats a whole lot more (though still probably not more than I bash republicans!) once they're back in power and a little more relevant.

    Whether you agree or not, I hope that you at least understand what it is exactly that I find so revolting about most members of your party in particular.


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