Monday, August 27, 2007

Searching for the original source

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I always hear from the Anti-Iraq war (Or just Anti-war) crowd that:

"Because we are there [in Iraq], we are creating more terrorists."

What I want to know is simple: What was the original source for the quote? Who said it, then wrote it, then published the quote?

The reason I ask, is because, there were terrorist attacks on American embassies, Naval vessels and "Domestic Soft targets" before March 20, 2003. Heck, there were more attacks in Israel before March 20, 2003.

Find me the original source of that quote (via links and publication date) and you will win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Good luck.


  1. How short sighted. It's going to take years for the generation of kids who have been radicalized by watching their country be destroyed by America to grow up, organize, and make attacks. But look on the bright side, maybe a democrat will be in office at that time so you can blame it on them instead!

  2. Jason,

    You know, as well as I do, when a falsehood (or truth) is out in the ether, it can be repeated enough to become part of a mantra (i.e. "Remember the Maine" or The Gulf of Tonkin incident) -- I'm just trying to find out what part of reality this idea is from: Is it an actual quote or is it part of the Anti-war mantra?

    Just looking for the truth here.

  3. Well as part of the anti-war left, I can't remember where I first heard it, but I remember thinking it. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I thought that it pretty much was common sense and don't think I heard it elsewhere before I started saying it. But it certainly was said on many of the email lists I belong to, whether it be Democracy for America, MoveOn, United for Peace and Justice, True Majority, Progressive Majority or one of the many labor ones. If you can't find who originated it, I'd be happy to take credit for it.

  4. PS: I hope you trounce that HolyInstant moron on battle of the blogs! That guy is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with mixing politics and religion.

  5. JSF, sorry I can't help you out there either as I don't read the trash put out by Leftists but I would guess that if it's a word for word quote, a quick google would bring it up.
    It's clearly stupidity. Terrorism was around long before this war and predates way back beyond the sixties of the last century. As a matter of fact, if you read some of the history of the Islamists, what we call the acts of terror date right back to the outset of the religion, so how our being in Iraq is 'creating' terrorists is an act of convoluted logic that I'm sure would take nothing but the inflated intellect of a Leftist to explain.

  6. Anonymous5:21 AM PDT

    Jason, Jason, Jason...why is it that you Leftists always talk in such emotive terms such as the generation of kids who saw the US bomb the shit out of their country, rape their moms and kill their dads will respect our country out of fear
    Have you ever thought about the wake of destruction caused by the mutations of Marxism? Don't you think Chinese kids miss their parents who get dragged off to jail for 15 years to life for their beliefs?
    What about the 10 million murdered by Stalin? And if you think that Marxism has evolved into something sweet and nice, why not check into the two most socialized countries in Europe,the U.K. and Sweden and see what's going on there. Sweden is almost the most highly taxed country in the world (second only to North Korea) with a 60% tax, an alarming rising crime rate and plummeting GDP...and don't even get me started on the worst thought policed surveillance state, the U.K. which is just about to lose another right, to that of a referendum and will have to have their kids tagged as of next year.
    You mean well, Jason but you're one of a huge army of wide-eyed dreamers/followers who really don't want to look too closely at the rotting ideological carcass of which they are a part...Just leave it to those at the vanguard to lead on...surely they know what they're doing.

  7. Oh I dunno, maybe it's because a whole generation of kids saw my country bomb the shit out of their country, rape their moms and kill their dads. But the human tragedy of it doesn't matter to you neocons at all. You gots to git r' dun for Jesus and the good ol' US of A! Yeeeeeee haw!!!

    And your hatred of the left continues to cloud your mind. Want to talk failed ideology? How's your beloved administration doing? They're going down quicker and harder than Larry Craig in a public men's room!

  8. How about this National Intelligence Estimate which concludes that the Iraq war is Creating More Terrorists. And thats not Jane Fonda or Michael Moore, that is the United States Government pal.

  9. When all else fails, find a soft target and slam them. Yes, we all know that a Republican turned out to be a closet gay. And we all know that the Left, who think that we're all closet gays but just pretending to be straight, are just about hyperventilating with excitement over it! However, since it's not me hanging out in public toilets trying to seduce my own sex, I can't comment on the kinds of thoughts that go on in the minds of people like Craig. Perhaps those on the Left, with their vast wells of sympathy might be able to come up with a 'compassionate' solution...I somehow doubt it. It's amazing how quickly you people adapt to the pragmatic disgust of homosexuals who hang out in toilets soliciting others when it suits you.
    Doesn't answer my comments about your beloved Marxist ideology, though. But I suspect there's no real answer there. It takes a lot of convoluted 'logic' to justify the despicable ideology of Marxism. You're off the hook.

  10. Jason,

    Thinking about it does not count -- I need an actual quote (Heck, I gave the start date of March 20, 2003) from an actual person to an actual reporter that found it's way to the fundraising letters of these Anti-war Groups.

    The Craig,

    Sorry -- thanks for playing. (By the way, are you like The Todd on Scrubs?) As I said earlier here, what is the quote that led it to the NIE and those continual fundraising letters from Anti-war groups since March 20, 2003.

    It's not that hard -- A Person, a reporter, a published piece around March 20, 2003. Was it a Ba'athist party member? A Person from a wahabbi sect of Saudi Arabia? A Democratic partisan?

    Heck, using that theory, why aren't Vietnamese terrorists attacking the United States for our invasion of their country back in the 60's and 70's?

  11. Aurora, I don't think you're all closet gays. I think you're all hypocrites in one way or another. And I think that you in particular have a thought process entirely clouded by your hate for those of us on the left. Did a socialist steal your lunch money and redistribute it when you were a kid?

  12. Anonymous8:30 PM PDT

    Jason, I don't know if I've said this before, but I don't hate anybody. I hate the Leftist ideology just as I hate all other repressive and freedom destroying ideologies. I hate those ideologies with a white rage but people follow ideologies because they're deluded.

  13. Aurora, you're cracking me up with this stuff! Do you do standup? Your act could use a little work, but I think at this point you could probably open for Larry the Cable Guy.

  14. Anonymous8:27 PM PDT

    As a matter of fact, I have a few leftist jokes up my sleeve that produce quite a raucous round of laughter when I tell them to sane company.
    I don't think you'd like them though.

  15. I prefer my humor to be either intelligent or incredibly lowbrow. Right wing humor is too anti-intellectual and not nearly edgy enough to be any good.

    You want a good joke? This guy walks into a talent agent's office and says "Have I got an act for you!"

    The talent agent asks "what kind of an act?"

    "It's a family act..." more

  16. Jason,uh uh...I'm not going to follow that link. You're just a little too controlling of opinions you don't like on your blog.

  17. Oh please! Do we have to go over that again? Don't let our personal squabble rob you of a laugh that you could probably really use. And besides, last time I looked, YouTube is not my blog. And besides, if you can't laugh at Gilbert Gottfried, you are an antisemite.


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