Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Next President

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Since Congress and President Bush is on vacation, the Valley will not follow their example. Business, politics and policy does not stop for the summer sun. Read below:

What must the 2008 Presidential candidates say or support to get the Valley's endorsement? Here follows a few issues, take notes Senators, Mayors and Governors.

A) Sarbannes-Oxley [SOX]: Most American IPO's and foreign companies are choosing the London Stock Exchange over NYSE due to over regulation by SOX. Free up American business' so they can bring in investment and help the American Exchanges.

B) Wilsonian Idealism or Nixonian Realism? If a candidate answers this question, they will have my attention. Should Democracy spread or should we deal with dictators? What are the pre-requisites for dealing with America, either financially or diplomatically? I'd love to hear the answer.

C) If a Democrat, clean out your anti-semites; If a Republican, help re-build California. I'm a partisan Republican, what did you expect?

D) Taxes: For or against?
Tax Cuts: For or against?

E) How do you propose to fight the War on Terror? What tools, what battlefields? Ad hominims and ad hoc ideas will not do -- specific means to specific goals. I'll listen.

F) Do you work across the aisle? Give an example. Will you police your own party?

G) Do you belive in HUMINT or ELINT in fighting the War in Terror?

H) How is your support of Israel in the next attack? What will you do?

The Valley will endorse one Republican and one Democrat before New Hampshire. Candidates, I await your answers.


  1. I'm sure that your inbox must be flooded with communiques from every campaign begging and pleading for the endorsement of your blog! I know I've been getting fruit baskets, bundles of cash and hookers at my door with candidates names written across their silicone enhanced breasts, all for the coveted Washington Interns Gone Bad endorsement (I think that the hooker Brownback sent might have had a dick, and Romney's was wearing some strange underwear). Once I mentioned that my endorsement goes to the candidates willing to legalize marijuana, try convict and imprison the entire Bush administration and their families for every crime they can find, all without being a whore to corporate interests, the flow of bribes all but dried up, though Ron Paul still sends me a joint every now and then.

  2. Jason,

    Just trying to be part of the process. And I'm even endorsing my party of old, just to see what they have to say about the issues. Welcome back.


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