Sunday, August 19, 2007

Democratic hypocrisy and the sound of crickets

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The Nixon Administration gave us a few important statements for the Political class. The first is: When Nixon went to China... The Second is: When Senator Goldwater went to see President Nixon to tell him, there were no Republican votes to stop impeachment, Nixon resigned the next day. Since the 90's, I have been asking, where are the modern Democratic parties Nixon's and Goldwater's? The answer will surprise you.

First, let's go back to the 90's. It seems under the Clinton Administration, the ESCHELON program (under the auspices of the National Security Agency) spied on United States citizens. Were we at war? The USSR had faded in 1991 and became Russia. The Warsaw Pact was dead. Why was the American Government listening to Americans phone calls and emails during the 90's? Clinton as Nixon. The American Government spied on it's own citizens and not one word from Democratic partisans or the ACLU. Why? I heard crickets back then.

Now, in the State of New York, Governor Eliot Spitzer is also playing the role of Nixon. He used the New York State Police to spy on Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. If Nixon had an "Enemies List", why hasn't the senior and junior senators for the State of New York say this was wrong? This is the same man who went against my friend's father's boss as a way to clear the Democratic Primary for 2010. What about Howard Dean? Crickets again.

Who will be the Democrats Goldwater today?


  1. JSF, the big brother tactics have been going on for a long time. This is a fact of life that most of us try not to think about. But it's not only the U.S. who does this. This is our world in 2007 (and for decades as you point out though more clandestinely back then). It happened while your average citizen was minding his/her own business trying to pay the mortgage. The trouble is, how do we fight it now?

  2. Nixon taught us to TURN OFF THE TAPES!

  3. JSF, you're about to get served a dose of your own medicine here.

    The Bush White House has abused power to attack those who have gone against it, so why should we care if Spitzer does it? It's just the name of the game, right?

    As long as you keep bringing up Bill Clinton's name as a defense against anything Bush does, why should you expect any different from the other side? How is the silence and/or excuses from the democrats when one of their own does something shady any different from the silence and/or excuses you make whenever this White House does anything shady? It really cheapens your argument greatly.

    See how nothing can ever get fixed when people put the good of their party over the good of the country and the law?

  4. Jason,

    Heck, I can go back to the Election of 1960 to prove Democratic Perfidy ["I didn't buy enough votes for a landslide -- Joe Kennedy, Sr.]. The point I'm making is that anytime Democrats do wrong, no one on their side calls them on it. I am a former partisan dem, so I do know that no Democrat would ever call shananigans on another Democrat not in a primary. As I wrote, Goldwater went to Nixon to tell him to leave. When has any Democrat (since 1972) followed Goldwater?

    Wait, one Democrat called shananigans on the Clintons in the 90's. That was Senator Joseph Leiberman. Your former VP candidate found himself outside the party after being the lone dissenter on Bill Clinton. Which party is in lockstep again?

    Jason, I'm sorry you don't like the Clinton comparisons, but history is precedence. As I argue presently, what elected democrat will stand up against the Heathlander (who writes on Kos)? Crickets, my friend.

  5. JSF, you really really really just don't get it, do you? Do you think that my irrelevant Bush comparisons are fair or logical debate tactics?

    And you you seriously think that one to zero (which turns out to be a one if you count republicrat Lieberman which I don't) in 47 years really proves a point?

    And this obsession you have with Heathlander is starting to border on creepy. When I find some blogger who I find offensive, I usually blast once or twice and move on. Anything more than that is a tad unhealthy for the spirit.

  6. PS: "Your former VP candidate"

    Oh no you didn't!

  7. Jason,

    Every time a Conservative hears complaints about Ann Coulter or Michael savage, who is in the best position to ask them to cool it or for an apology? Hint: Not a Liberal democrat.

    The Modern democrat party has had no Goldwater to Nixon moments; Don't you think if there was, Gore would have won as an incumbent President?

    Regarding the Heathlander: After the Christian Zionist post, I commented in your Blog reply why this is an issue for me. If 25 or more Liberal Democratic Bloggers and politicians took up the cause (Oh my G-d! A Goldwater to Nixon moment!), I would stop shining the light. Obsessive, sure. But I've already explained to you about this White Whale.

    Unless you think only Democrats are allowed to go after White Whales (i.e. Nixon, Bush fils).

  8. JSF, the pointlessness of this is beginning to exhaust me.

  9. Jason,

    In alternate reality science fiction, there is something called a point of divergence.

    Imagine in 1999, a series of Democratic Senators asked President Clinton to step down; In 2000, President Gore would run as a fresh new incumbent, would we talk of Florida 2000 if President Gore had helped TN?

    Because there is no listed Goldwater to Nixon moments in modern Dem history, Gore never had to face re-election in 2004.

    This isn't just a partisan GOP saying "Nyah, nyah, nyah," I'm writing to help the health of both parties. Can you at least admit that?


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