Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekly Roundup #3

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1) Aurora, Jason, Chess -- My plans for October fell apart this week, what was going to happen in weeks is now back to months. The planning continues.

2) My late father used to say, "No real business (or political work) actually happens between the middle of August and the week after Labor day," But during August, World War One started and Iraq invaded Kuwait; Will the summer of 2007 be a sane one?

3) Off the cuff questions:
a) Why was the Independent Council law highly touted by Democrats during the Nixon and Ford Administrations but decried by them during the Clinton Administration?
b) What is your favorite Pizza place? Mine is AJ's Pizza in Forest Hills, NY. Nothing beats an Upside down Sicilian slice on a winter's day.
c) A major debate during High School (this was in NYC, remember), the argument was, what makes a good Pizza? The sauce? The Cheese? or The Crust? I always believed the Sauce made the slice -- anywhere you went, the sauce was different.

Enjoy this post with your favorite Pizza.


  1. JSF, thanks for the link. As to your off the cuff questions:
    a) the Left generally has a flexible view of 'justice'. I once had a self-professed communist German politician (who I was tutoring English) tell me that the role of the media was to educate. When I asked him the difference between education and propaganda, he paused and, barely batting an eyelid, said that when the Left does it, it's education and...well you can guess the rest.
    b) Pizza is the most fattening food you can eat and I'd rather splurge out on chocolate! LOL
    However, I'd have to say, I'm with you on the sauce, closely followed by the crust.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend! And that your plans get sorted out for you soon.

  2. 1) Probably for the same reason republicans loved Ken Starr and hate Fitzpatrick. As a followup question, why is it that you can take anything that both parties are constantly guilty of and be outraged when democrats do it and make excuses when republicans do it?

    2) Pizza in the Bay Area isn't as bad as other outside of the NYC metropolitan area pizza (is there anything quite as bad as Washington, DC pizza?), but it's not as good as it is in NY. My favorite is a place called CJ's North in Rhinebeck, NY. Any of the three main ingredients can make or break a pizza, but as far as I'm concerned crust, cheese and sauce is the only Holy Trinity that really exists, and all three have to be right for a truly divine slice or pie.

  3. The only good pizza is found in Napoli

  4. Jason,

    The best DC Pizza was Armands Chicago style -- the best and was great around Lunchtime (at tenleytown or by the Heritage Foundation). Which was your favorite DC Pizza?

  5. JSF, I typically consider Chicago Deep Dish as its own category though Armands was definitely tasty. I liked Pizza Mart on 18th St in Adams Morgan. That was the place that was open super late and catered to bar crowd. You could get a ginormous (I'd say at least 15 inches long) slice for $2.50, thin NYC style crust, just enough sauce and a good amount of cheese. Pepperoni was an extra 50 cents, but you'd be risking a river of grease running down your arm. I think Al's pizza over near Eastern Market was the same owners, and they had just opened another one on U St before I moved that also featured funky Indian/Pakistani toppings. But the only food from DC I really miss is Ethiopian.


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