Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anti-semitism is a pillar of Daily Kos

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In today's Meet the Press, Former Representative Harold Ford, Jr. brought up "the anti-semitism of Daily Kos," and Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos responded with, "We allow everybody to write for us," No follow up by David Gregory, substitute host for Tim Russert.

They kick Senator Joseph Lieberman out of Democratic party (the only Jewish Democratic Party Senator up for re-election in 2006), and allow they Heathlander a loudspeaker. Sorry, but can someone explain how Daily Kos is not anti-Semitic?

I will link to Meet the Press' transcript when it's up.

UPDATE 6:35PM PST: The Transcript is up. Also, a Kos diarist declares blindness is a way to see the horizon of the Democratic Anti-semites. Final note: The Heathlander still has not left London to support his revolution in the Gaza Strip.


  1. I'm not going to get into it with the whole antisemitism vs criticism of Israel bit since while we do agree that antisemitism is a bad thing, we can't quite agree on where to draw the line between the two. But I would like to address the Lieberman issue. Were the democrats supposed to keep a member of their party who has sucked up to Bush more than some members of the republican party just because he's Jewish? He was the most republican democrat since Zell Miller, who would be sharing a similar fate had he not retired a few years back. The primaries are part of the democratic process. If the party members don't feel that one candidate is representing them well, they offer an alternative.

  2. Jason,

    Primaries -- fine, no problem. Dislike the Senator on issues, again, no problem. But the level of attacks against a former VP of your own party bordered dangerously close to Heathlander territory. And no Democratic official found anything wrong with it!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM PDT

    Lieberman's just as welcome to post at Daily Kos as anyone else.

  4. Did my second comment disappear again?

  5. Jason,

    I didn't see one -- try again.

  6. Justice Frankfurter, once observed that where fear exists security cannot exist: There can be no security where there is fear.

    If the population of the United States does not speak plainly and merely stands mute then the Liberty and freedoms that have allowed the Republic to exist for two-hundred and thirty-three years since, the start of the American Revolution in April 1775 have come to nought.

    It is true that Anti-Semitism and Anti-Islamic sentiments exist, the existence of these views demonstrates that fools do exist and have not gone the way of the Neanderthal.

    However, it is the height of folly to permit such arguments to stifle debate.

    If the majority allow themselves to be silenced by the radical imbeciles who espouse and maintain such views, then I would argue that such a state is doomed to fail. A nation in such a state of muteness lacks the will to change.

    In closing I would ask the readers to be mindful of three quotations by Edmund Burke:

    1: A State without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation;

    2: All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.

    3:All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  7. Anonymous5:13 AM PDT

    Chess Novice, the problem is, the silencing is selective. It's OK to bash Jews and Christians and not OK to bash the cause celebres of the Left (and we all know who they are).
    Jason, Heathlander admits on his site that he participated (or intended to participate) in the boycott march against the Jewish academics. Why doesn't he boycott the Emirates who are seeping into just about every western country while behind them is one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet? Why doesn't he boycott the Clintons who receive millions in dirty Saudi money for their campaign? It's ludicrous to continually single out Israel with the vastly worse injustices going on in other (left-sanctioned) states. Of course it's anti-semitic to single out a gnat when an elephant is rampaging around the neighborhood. It's so obvious to all except the Left who sit around admiring the naked emperor's new clothes.

  8. Chessnovice, you are right on the money.

    Aurora, as usual your hate for the left clouds everything you have to say. It's not that I expect the kind of person who can't even let a post about my adorable daughter go by without using it as a venue to whine about Bill Clinton to have anything worthwhile to say, but you're really spewing here. What makes you think you're any better than this Heathlander guy? He offers well researched, well written legitimate criticism of a government. You don't even actually debate anything he says but instead attack his motivations by making ridiculous stretches of logic to do so. Just because you use words like "antisemite" instead of "asshat" doesn't make it any less ad hominem. Oh no, he supports a nonviolent tactic like a boycott?! Geez, to hear you rant about it, it's like he sent his sister in to blow herself up. Whether or not you agree with the boycott doesn't make it an antisemitic act. I'd much read a well written and intelligent critique that I may or may not entirely agree with than the type of inflammatory stuff that you spew on a daily basis blaming everything wrong in the world on the big bad evil left.

  9. Jason,

    Did you really defend the Heathlander? Remember, he defended Hamas' takeover of the Gaza Strip and called Fatah "a bunch of Thugs," He cries revolution that would require the life of every Israeli. Just because he writes well does not make him Shakespere, it might make him George Galloway.

  10. JSF,
    I didn't defend him. What I said was that I'd much rather (looks like I left out the word "rather" in that last comment) read his blog despite the fact that I don't always agree with what he says than Aurora's, though honestly life is too short for me to waste a whole lot of time with either of them. I certainly don't expect you to agree, but it is what it is.

    At least you're finally starting to debate his actual words rather than just focusing on what you think his intentions might be. Keep that up and you might even change some minds. Changing minds is the point, right?

  11. Aurora you are correct the silencing is by its nature selective and therein lies a fundamental problems experienced by those in power and those who seek power for themselves.

    Any attempt to silence groups opposed to the will of another are fool's errands in the sense that only tyrants are so intoxicated and corrupted by power that they willingly engage in such conduct

    On the issue of bashing and selectively silencing people I stand as I have vehemently opposed to such conduct in any form because, when a person bashes another they have lost sight of their humanity.

    On other matters I maintain strive to remain neutral and take no position on the right or left because, in my estimation that is the place of wiser heads than I.

    I learned long ago that to trust power to one such as myself is an inherently dangerous proposition.

    I could not at nineteen nor could I now nearing thirty-one be entrusted with power and authority over others so I would not presume to do so.

  12. Anonymous10:40 PM PDT

    Jason, my gosh! You are so paranoid, sorry. Where on earth did you get the idea I thought anything negative at all about your little girl? She's adorable and as far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as a bad 2-year-old (I'm assuming from memory she's about 2). If only the world were made up of people as innocent as children, but of course it isn't hence the reason why those of us who have a sense of moral outrage must keep up the fight.
    I know a bit about the boycott as I correspond with a Jewish academic in Israel and it was absolutely devastating to the Jews over there. Anyone who looked into it a bit more deeply and critically would have to admit the same. I never read Heathlander. I only read his one post on boycotting the Jewish academics and this one action tells me he's a narrow-minded, bigotted, shallow-thinking, Leftist clone. His actions have spoken far louder than those pseudo-academic words these Leftists love to drivel on with. Cut to the chase as far as I'm concerned and let's see if your own original thinking cuts the mustard without having to dress it up with that garbage. I hated it when I listened to the wowsers all around me during my time at uni and I hate it when I listen to the likes of Noam Chomsky today. It's used as a smokescreen to hide the vacuous, hollow shell of Marxist thinking that has invaded our current society and I for one don't fall for the bulldust. No offense.

  13. Yes, my daughter is adorable and the love of my life, which is why your choice of that post to get into such vapid right wing dittohead off topic bullshit was taken so personally. And the fact that that didn't even cross your mind makes you all the less likable. I get it. You hate the left. You REALLLLLLY hate us with a capitol H. We're the only thing standing in the way of your utopia of USA world domination where all the bad guys are dead. Is there really any point debating with somebody like you?

    JSF, you might be interested to read this massive bit of antisemitism I found on KOS.

  14. Jason,

    I'm surprised. If President Bush said tommorow, he was switching to the Democratic party, you would cite all the GOP stuff he did before, right? I work at a PR firm here, the only reason this post got published was because of the unaddresed complaints about diarists Heathlander, Ben Heine, and Sabbah.

    I thought you were more cynical and attuned to bull. However, lipsticks and pigs here -- By the way, none of those diarists were addressed, just a little homogenized pap saying, "We like you Jews too," But why couldn't Markos say it last Sunday?

  15. JSF, I am incredibly attuned to bull and I don't stand for it regardless of the source. That's why I keep on you for your unfair and untrue labeling an entire website and one blogger in particular as antisemitic. It's nothing more than ad hominem argument. By painting your opponents as anti-semitic, you avoid tackling the actual issues that are presented. That kind of argument would have gotten you laughed out of any debate team, but I suppose it might work when you are trying to rally the least intelligent part of your base, but it doesn't fly past anyone who actually knows a thing or two about anything. This is getting so tired. I don't think I can continue having this discussion with you if you can't for once get real about it and drop this useless finger pointing. Do you really care about the people who are being affected, or just for scoring points for your party? To what end does all this finger pointing and false accusation hurling achieve?

  16. Jason,

    I would not be pointing it out if the Democratic partisans did it themselves. What does it achieve? It helps keep my old Party honest. I wish it were false accusations -- remember what I wrote on your Blog on the last go round? It isn't just me who reads these posts when I send them around -- my family happens to be Jewish too, and they get offended by those posts on Kos. Other people's eyes confirm my own suspecisions.

    Again, if what that post you linked to was so important, why didn't Markos refute the anti-semite charge last Sunday?

  17. Anonymous6:34 AM PDT

    "...and Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos responded with, "We allow everybody to write for us,""

    Liar. I have a Kos account and now I am allowed to Read Only. I cannot post nor can I comment on what others post there. This happened after I called John Kerry a coward and posted a recipe for a dish called Chicken Kerry. No profanities. I base my opinion of Kerry on having grown up in Massachusetts AND my 20 years as na NCO in the military. My non-profane opinion rruns counter to the Kos HiveMind so, of course, they had to take away my 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech.

  18. Anonymous4:45 AM PDT

    Joe Lieberman has NOT been a conservative like Zell Miller. Thats a RIDICULOUS statement. Lieberman is a LIBERAL who supported the War like Hillary Clinton . Except Joe did not waver on his support. Joe was also the Dem Vice Presidential candidate just 7 years ago.

  19. Anonymous4:48 AM PDT

    I have also experienced DailyKos Censorship. I have been blocked from posting on that site. I am shocked Huffington has not blocked me yet


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