Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who is Missing in the Sinai?

The Sliver of Land Between the 6th Century and the 21st

Now that the Hamas has (temporarily) stopped shooting missiles from their seaside beachhead (courtesy of Iran); The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood allowed attacks to go after Southern Israel from the Sinai.

A week ago, President Obama stepped in and paused the fighting away from Southern Israel.  

He promised "Special Forces in the Sinai," (Why do Democratic Presidents always rely on 'Special Forces?' What about the Regular Army? They did a good job during the Last Administration.)

One question: Where are they?  

No mention of border protection between Egypt (with its return to Biblical Times ideal of slavery in the upcoming New Egyptian Constitution, backed by the Military) and Israel.

I wonder if Jonah Lowenfeld of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles knows that President Obama reneged on his word of protecting the ONLY Jewish state. 

The Sinai used to be Israel's and if Egypt goes down with Morsi, how soon before the Israeli's take it back?

I give it a year. 

My question: Why did President Obama lie to Israel when they were under fire from multiple sides? And when does Israel take back the Sinai?

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