Monday, December 03, 2012

December 2012 Tip Jar (with a Fictional Gothy Muse)

I got over my health issues (Yay!), but its that time of the month -- please donate to help keep the Valley alive. 

The end number is $500, any donation that leads to that would be helpful. 

And since this is the month of my Birthday (12/16), if you choose to hit the Amazon Wishlist, I will Thank you as well.

Now, for the real reason you come to the beginning of the month posts:

Today, we are doing a fictional character made real by three books, three movies in Swedish and one American made movie (and a graphic novel):

I read the whole series, and she is a cool, smart (aren't they all?) Gothy Muse.  She reminds me of a few Muses I have danced and talked with.

So, here are many different versions of One Character.

Please hit the Tip jar or Wishlist. 

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Rooney Mara (American version) Magazine/tattoo Shot   
Noome Rapace (Swedish version) Tattoo shot

Rooney Mara, with Dragon tattoo

Noome Rapace (L) and Rooney Mara (L) 
Gothy sexiness (with a burning car)

Vertigo Comics version of Salender

Rooney Mara, Publicity shot

If only more people in Court dressed like Lisabeth..

Read the books! 

Watch the Swedish version and the American versions (still upcoming).

And finally, please hit the Tip jar and/or Amazon Wishlist for this month.


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