Sunday, December 30, 2012

For Speaker Boehner and the House GOP: Choose Strategy over Tactics

We are hours away from the "Fiscal Cliff,"

Hear the sound of the clock...

"Match of the Century"
Speaker Boehner and the House GOP, it is time to re-read Sun Tzu:

"When your weapons are dulled and ardour damped, your strength exhausted and treasure spent, neighboring rulers will take advantage of your distress to act. And even though you have good counsellors, none will be able to lay good plans for the future,"
-- The Art of War, pg. 73

"If a general is unable to control his impatience and orders his troops to swarm up the hill like ants, one third of them will be killed without taking the city, Such is the calamity of these attacks."
-- The Art of War, pp. 78-9

"If the enemy is strong and I am weak, I temporarily withdraw and do not engage,"
-- The Art of War, pg. 89

In modern life (and politics), everyone is going for the win, what Sun Tzu is saying, without the support of the people (post media blitz 2012), and flagging energy (Thanks to the Establishment GOP who brought Romney upon the locals), sometimes it is OK to retreat.

The tactic is simple (since the modern Democrats do not read Churchill's, " Victory: Magnanimity,"):

At the end of the 112th Congress, retreat, but regroup and fight across the 113th.  

The Strategy of "The Long Game," beats a Tactical win in the short one

Or to quote many of us on the ground:

 My question: Will the Speaker listen to Sun Tzu?

UPDATE 11:55 PST: Welcome Instapundit readers! And have a very Happy New Year! 

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