Thursday, December 27, 2012

Musings on (Birthday) 42!

If we must broach on 42, let us start with Douglas Adams' famous work, made into a BBC TV show (which was better then the Hollywood movie, sorry Hollywood: Story + Character = Show/movie I want to watch again and again):

One theme that has threaded through my life is a sense (since I grew up in Queens in the 70's which inspired Carpenter's Escape from New York and Marvel X Men's Days of Future Past) of Dystopia is always a step away which leads to a the TV Trope: End of an Age.  And this year, add the TV Trope that "The Magic Goes Away,"

DC's Trenchcoat Brigade

When Club Monte Cristo was taken from the Goths, so was a place many of us called "Our second Home,"  When the Lord of the Rings ended (as well as Narnia), magic was leaving from its Mundane  Then there was the Election. The Ideologues beat the Pragmatics -- a first in the modern era of my industry (Modern Era in American politics begins 1992).  Both those tropes apply. The magic was truly gone from the Mundane.

Club Monte Cristo represented a safe haven whilst I saw the Election spiral from Pragmatics to propaganda (and the silence of the Romney campaign to 'Local Yokels' is an unpublished story); when that was gone, there was no safe haven for me to dance in the dark. 

Where Aslan took Narnia's Magic

Now, I am a fully sworn in member of RPLAC (50th AD) -- I continue to be Pragmatic when others listen to Rhetoric and take it as real.  I planned the future a few days before my Birthday -- 42.  Life, the Universe, and Everything.  To succeed, I must fight within my Party (Ideological and National) and Outside (Democrats and the MSM) -- but that's another post.

What things am I thankful for?

1. My readers -- without you, I'd just be a guy shouting on a (palm tree lined, sunny) street corner;

2. My family -- When we were out to dinner to celebrate my Birthday, my Mom, my Sister and I all laughed at something.  A strong family means whatever Devil my disease can raise, is in check.

3. My friends -- I have friends in three circles -- Goths, Politicos, and Bloggers.  Without all of you, I would be the guy still standing on the (Palm tree, sunny) Street Corner. 

4. Muses, past, current and future: Without having a Muse, a writer cannot write.  If I dance with you on the dance floor, or chat with you on Facebook (or text you) or over an Italian dinner, you have already charmed me.  Art requires beauty and I see it in the Dark.  

5. Good Italian food.  There is nothing to say, but it makes me happy.  Being happy and content are some of my goals.  Settling down with a beautiful Muse and creating the Palm Tree Empire is my next one.

OK, back to politics before Congress comes back!

My question:  Is the Magic ending in your life? Or is it Returning?

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