Friday, December 28, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff: Teaching President Obama to Negotiate

This whole "Fiscal Cliff," thing could have been avoided and we could all be settling down to enjoying the New Year,

But Noooooooooo! Majority Leader Reid spent years NOT negotiating with the House of Representatives over Appropriation bills.  Had those bills been passed (even as Omnibus bills), we would not be at the Fiscal Cliff.

Even the foreign markets are  scared at the Democrat's stupidity in not passing Appropriation bills. 

Democrats, you have a President who doesn't know how to get ahead of a problem -- that's not what Presidents do. 

The last Budget that was passed, occured on April 29, 2009. 

Conference Committee and negotiation, that's how Congress works.  You cannot blame Bush and Republicans forever if you want them at the table.  Maria Bartiromo at CNBC put it best:

Now, a gift from a California Republican to the intransigent Democratic Majority in the Executive Branch and the Senate.....

A lesson on How to negotiate!

1) The GOP and Tea Party want to get Government spending under control -- not wipe it off the map.  By allowing both groups and Speaker Boehner to "Save Face," a deal can be reached;

2) Senator Reid needs to own up by not going to Conference Committee, lo these many years, he owns "The Fiscal Cliff,"  and

3) If the GOP is attacked, the Partisans defend -- if done during the inauguration, what riots will break out? All President Obama and Senator Reid must do is give countering numbers. Speaker Boehner did it with Plan B.  Your pieces cannot remain immobile on the Chess board.

In the end, the ball will be kicked into the 113th Congress and if a budget is passed, I will be surprised.

My question: Why did the Democrats never pass an Appropriation Bill?  


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