Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Battle of Michigan and Legacy of Clodius vs.Milo

Did you feel that?

The American Republic is shaking again.  Those who proceeded to protest in Wisconsin are taking the same tacks in Michigan (9% Unemployment).  Those tacks echo the ending of the Roman Republic. 

The Battle of Michigan starts with a tale of the Mob Rule as the Roman Republic was unraveling.

Here is a (fictionalized) story of Titus Annius Milo and the death of Clodius Pulcher.  In other words, where the Mobs of Michigan will end:

On memeorandum, the Left were upset and the Right was shocked at the attacks against the Democratic process.

First watch this video:

The video above shows what Milo and Clodius was trying to achieve. 

Travel backwards if you want to understand the Now:

"...By testing the opportunities of street violence to the very limits, Clodius blazed a trail that others were preparing to follow. In December 58 [BCE] Clodius' term of office came to an end. Among the new tribunes was a gruff and brutal Pompeian. Titus Annius Milo. Encouraged by his patron, Milo formally indicted Clodius for employing violence, an open and shut case if there ever was one Clodius, by appealing to his brother Appius, who was Praetor that year, managed to have the charge suppressed, and ordered his gangs to ransack Milo's house in revenge.

"But the new Tribune, backed by the infinite sources of Pompey, and aware he was dead meat unless he met violence with violence...He [Milo] began to recruit gangs of his own, not, as Clodius had done by bribing amateurs from the slums, but by importing well-armed well-trained heavies from Pompey's estates and buying up gladiators to steel their ranks.

"At a stroke, Clodius' monopoly on street violence ended, a challenge to which the former Tribune rose with...gusto. The gang warfare escalated daily. Soon, it became so brutal that all Government Institutions in the Forum, including the Law Courts, had to be suspended. Day after day, across the public places of Rome, the tides of anarchy ebbed and flowed."
-- Tom Holland, Rubicon, pp. 244-45

Welcome to the slow birth of the First Triumvirate.  

What is causing all this madness?

Michigan, in trying to fight to get manufacturing going again (When is the 2013 Pontiac Firebird coming off the line? Oh, there is no Pontiac Trans Am anymore! Game, set, match, not in the Unions favor.) wanted to make their state "Right to Work," 

What is "Right to Work?"

Right-to-work laws are state laws that prohibit both the closed and union shop. A right to work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However,employees who work in the railway or airline industries are not protected by a right to work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be.
If you resign from membership, you may not be able to participate in union elections or meetings, vote in collective bargaining ratification elections, or participate in other "internal" union activities. If you resign, you cannot be disciplined by the union for any post-resignation conduct. 

If you resign from union membership, you are still fully covered by the collective bargaining agreement that was negotiated between your employer and the union, and the union remains obligated to represent you. Any benefits that are provided to you by your employer pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement (e.g., wages, seniority, vacations, pension, health insurance)will not be affected by your resignation. However, the union may exclude you from some "members-only" benefits. Although you may resign from union membership at anytime, you may be limited to a specific "window period"before you are able to end any automatic dues deductions.

(h/t US Legal Dictionary)

Was Right to Work passed in the dead of night? 
Was it done by Executive or Judicial Fiat?

No, it was done in the light of day, passed by the two branches of the State House and signed by the Governor.  Last I checked, Elected Officials, not Union leaders, represent "the people," 

Rather then going about and Lobbying the Legislature, the Unions bussed in protesters and caused havoc and violence. 

Who is doing the people's work again?

My question: When Democrats lose votes in the State Houses, they have been resorting to violence.  Is President Obama allowing the rise of a new Milo and Clodius in America?

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