Thursday, December 06, 2012

Escaping No Man's Land: Reforming the GOP Presidential Campaign 2016

RS, Chairman of the RNC, Instapundit and RPLAC Members, 

We sent out the Moderates in two elections -- they lost. 

The Establishment Republicans are still unscathed from picking the Romney (Meg Whitman) and McCain tickets. (And those same Establishment Republicans destroyed a Social Libertarian Leader post-2008, Former Governor Sarah Palin)  Time to fight back.

Also, people got tired of the Election itself because it ran on and on and on....And the GOP made itself a target by allowing chaos and Establishmenterians to overrule the locals.  Time to change it all.

[And if you are a candidate in the upcoming 2013 and 2014 races, may I suggest iPrecinct? It has a better success rate then Operation Orca. Contact Lillian Cavalieri for more info.]

Where is the GOP post-2012?

Gotham City's No Man's Land (shown onscreen in The Dark Knight Rises). 

The National GOP led the Local GOP's to HERE.  
 Rules for the Pre-Convention

1) New Hampshire does the First Primary; Iowa, the first caucuses.  This should never change. 
And have it start later in the winter -- say February 15; It gives all the candidates time to network and debate (but not overly much -- see rule 2).  And it calms down the process.

2) No more then 4 debates pre-NH and Iowa.  Period.  And use Bloggers and media that can be trusted for each debate.  

3) CPAC and Ames Straw Poll the year before -- that's it.  Keep it simple or the (un)friendly media will pounce.

4) The whole pre-convention Primary process should not last more then Four Months.  By starting in February, it allows candidates to spread themselves and build bases throughout the country.  The Primacy of NH and IA are secured,but by starting the year before, all States are covered.

5) For the large Delegate States, there can be debates. But again, only with Trustworthy media and Bloggers.  No debate each state, the public got tired and the worst portions of the GOP Electorate get noticed.

6) Once the Primaries and Caucuses are done -- there should be a Private and Public Unity Dinner so each candidate (winner and losers) can plan the next steps into the Summer and Fall.

How the GOP looks at the before IA and NH (and now)

Rules for the Presidential Candidate

1) Staff over Consultants; More Staff then Consultants and finally, Consultants do not have the final say over the candidate.

1A)  Consultants are given States (Big ones can be separated in multiple areas), but again, this must be emphasized: STAFF over Consultants.  Only local Activists can be Consultants for States.

1B) All Staff and Consultants must prove to be loyal.  No talking to the Left media when the campaign is over.  This should be enshrined in every contract.  Follow Chairman Tony Kvarsic's lead when it comes to disloyalty: deny any future or past contracts for any staffer or consultant that back stabs.

2) No POTUS candidate should get in the race unless they have shown how they have helped and financially supported their State Party (or increased majorities in their State Houses).  And I don't mean one cycle, they should be active for at least Five Electoral Cycles before even going for the Ring -- look at our current (D) POTUS and our last Candidate.  Neither were good.

3) Reagan's Eleventh Commandment rules during the Primary

4) If any Federal candidate embarrasses the GOP during the campaign, the only way to show Leadership is to lead the way to throw that candidate out.  Without a background in State party politics, another Akin might arise. Leaders lead.

5) The Media is not your friend as Senator McCain and Governor Romney, both Moderates found out. 

6) Fight in every State.  That is why your campaign should know every State and County Party.

Time to Destroy the GOP Establishment and Start anew

My question: What rules would you give for the Republican establishment and Presidential candidates?

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