Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Flunked Flank?

First, some Mel Brooks, especially at 3:20:

The sleeping giant awakes. There are tests for the activist all of us on the Right. It is our modern Demarcation line.

Test 1) Supporting Rep. Wilson. (Hint: Support his 2010 campaign here)

Test 2) 9/12 and Beck.

Test 3) ACORN and Breitbart

Now, who flunked flank? Who ran with Mucus?

Conor Friedersdorf, Megan McCardle (what is it about The Atlantic magazine that they know no Conservative?), David Frum (whom I've defended from the LEFT) and the New Majority contributors, and of course, Charles Johnson at LGF.

Jon Henke is committing a Infield Fly, but he knows 78% of the time where to point the rhetorical cannon. Everyone else on that list only points the rhetorical cannon at the Left less then 35% of the time. This, as pointed out by Dan Riehl, is not the time. Why give Frank Rich, Keith Olbermann, or Maureen Dowd any victories? Nixon pointed out, the press is the enemy. Until the press understands we Conservatives and Republicans (and the Left clears out their crazies first) we do not do a damn thing. We offer to do it, but Van Jones was cleaned out after the Left won, not before. Warning shots to our side fine, but no purging until the Left clears out it's Bush and Palin hatred (not to mention their 9/11 and Trig truthers).

I'm willing to say that Jon Henke has passed flank, like RS McCain, Dan Riehl, the lovely and charming Pam Geller, Clifton B., and Bruce/Dan at GayPatriot. There is a bigger picture here and each Blogger is contributing their own way to the ideals I wrote in Part One of ***The Republican Encyclicals. ***(Hint: They are coming back, link and discuss the earlier posts so we can prep for 2010. Yes, I'm talking to you with the Blog that did not Flunk Flank.).

So, if the standard is set on how to pass flank, why did the others fail?

We'll go backwards on the list.

Charles Johnson -- Anyone citing him as a Righty, fails. He attacked most of my Blogger friends. Never signed with LGF. Did not care. Very happy he broke Rathergate, but like Andrew Sullivan (and by attacking Pam Geller, he goes with Andrew Sullivan in being Anti-Jew), his home has always been on the Left. I back my friends. He does not. Failed Flank and, unfortunatly, ran with Mucus.

David Frum and the New Majority -- I'm mad at Frum. I defended him and he then gives Newsweek magazine (no friend of the Bush administration or the McCain campaign) a place to attack Rush. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?! Frum wants to be loved by the in the Sprawl (to use Wm. Gibson's term). He wants to write for the New York Times. Frum does not understand that he is asking for love from people who HATE Conservatives and Republicans. Ask President John McCain. I defended a useful idiot. Frum, I await your apology here in the Valley. And why do I slam his so-called "new majority" people? Because, not one of these people are known among any of the circles (Hill Staff, Bloggers and Activists) I travel in. Why should I care what they write or say? They don't care any local activist. Failed Flank, ran with Mucus and useful idiots all.

Megan McCardle -- falls under the catagory: Anyone defending Andrew Sullivan does not understand the Right. Yes, Ms. McCardle, guilt by association. And yes, the Atlantic hires no Conservatives. Defend that policy in your next Blog post. Not only flunking Flank, but can be find in the next part of Mel Brooks' movie, the Spanish Inquisition. She never defends the Right, so she should not be considered. She just wants to say, "It's good to be the King,"

Finally, the leader of this Doo Dah Parade, Conor Friedersdorf. It's easy to pick away at his arguments. Look here. But here is my argument with Conor (I have a simple last name and nom de plume, not Conor), his base of Conservative thought is Andrew FREAKING Sullivan. The last post describes Andrew Sullivan and the ways he is A) Not Conservative B) Anti-Jew C) Believes in one standard for himself, another for Others D) Hatred of Palin and her family. None of which leads to Conservative thought or action.

By default, Conor loses. He has not walked or called for any candidates. Again, he fails the basic who knows him? test. If Conor is from CA, none of my contacts in TWO (Los Angeles and San Diego) Counties know him or have heard of his great work. And he attacks, every single time, activist Conservatives. Again, the influence of Sullivan.

In legal terms, he has no standing to define Conservatism because he backed President Obama in the last election. That was not the Conservative choice last year (neither was McCain, so Conor flunks even further). Here is a simple test for Conor. Is Keith Olbermann talking Hate Speech against Conservative Public officials? And defend Mark Levin to balance your answer. Answer here or on your Blog. I doubt he can or will. Dan Riehl and RS McCain will be judges.

In my youth, I was a street kid in Queens, New York. Even lost a tooth in a gang fight about real estate around Queens Boulevard. What mattered was a few things: Being smart, creative and loyalty to your crew. All of those I called out would run at the sign of trouble. I value loyalty, even when times are bad. Those who I said passed flank, I would not have to worry about losing "back," Loyalty counts.

My questions to my readers, what other Bloggers failed Flank and ran with Mucus? And also, what Bloggers passed?

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  1. It's interesting to me there is all this outrage over ACORN, but when Code Pink was behaving subversively there wasn't a second thought about the situation. I also think that Wilson was out of line to be shouting during the speech, the office of the presidency should be respected by virtue of being the office. However, I think Pelosi is out of her mind, she wants him to apologize AGAIN and this time on the floor? It didn't transgress the house. The transgression was against the president, he apologized to the president and it should be let go at that. Pelosi is pretending to be someone with real power and who knows something. She really doesn't know anything and really doesn't have THAT much power.

    Shana Tova motek, may it be the best yet!


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