Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering the 2,996: Patrick O'Keefe

This year, we remember a hero.

Patrick O'Keefe was one the firefighters found in the stairwell of Tower One. As a member of the NYFD, he was honorable to begin with; Mr. O'Keefe was there to make sure the public got out on that bad morning in New York City.
Since his death, a foundation and a charity regatta has been created in his name. Here is his biography as written by The O'Keefe Foundation:

And so he is today,"Still Riding"

To donate the Patrick O'Keefe foundation, donate here.
To join in tomorrow's walk in Long Beach, New York, go here.
To join in the regatta, sign up here.
G-dspeed Patrick O'Keefe! It was truly an honor that you were among us.

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