Friday, September 04, 2009

Campaigning, by way of two Goth Clubs

I'm a Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak) and a Goth.

Some people think they cannot co-exist; I am proof of how both work with each other. Being a Goth does not hold me back from my dreams from working in a future Republican White House Chief of Staff's office and being a Republican does not hold me back from visiting these clubs.

There are two clubs in Los Angeles that Goths frequent, in fact they show the difference in campaign styles too. So, political people, meet Goths, Goths meet Republicans.

The two clubs I speak of are: Bar Sinister in Hollywood and Malediction in Korea Town. How do these clubs define the style of political campaigns? Look deeper.

Our first stop is near Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. Bar Sinister is here and is usually the first stop in any Goth's visit to Los Angeles. It also attracts bands, DJ's and tourists. And some of those tourists really are tourists, all the hotels are nearby. The other type of tourists are visitors the "Goth scene," for the first time after trying out other clubs in LA.

Our next step is further east closer to Wilshire Boulevard and edging towards Downtown. It is a club run by the lovely and talented DJ Amanda Jones. Not as loud or boisterous as Bar Sin (as regulars call it), but Goths feel comfortable here (I won't argue the Goth v. vampires issue. South Park did it here). The music is tight and very few tourists (of either sort) are here.

Now, if you campaign for a candidate, what do these clubs mean to you?

The activists are always involved back in the primaries. If you cannot convince your own people of your views (or your candidates), then how can you appeal to the general public later?

Malediction, is a club for Goths, run by Goths. If you win the primary, you can add to your appeal later on.

While the party is re-building, intellectuals in the Party cannot ignore the voters. The reason why Palin is loved is because she appeals to the primary voter and, like us (and President Bush), she has been martyred. Until our "elitists," at the National Review and others cited here argue their cases among Conservatives, we don't care what they have to offer. For Conservatives and Republicans to re-build, we have to hang out on the terrace and talk about what works for our voters, then worry about the General election.

Kudos to Jon Henke for talking on the terrace. And to RS McCain for joining him.

In Hollywood is where the people are. Bar Sinister is where everyone stops at. From the bands, to the upstairs stuff (this is political Blog, find out yourself what is there) to the circus atmosphere sometimes, it brings in everyone. Even those who aren't Goth.

In the general campaign, we need everyone to show up and enjoy our club. Whether they are tourists or Goths, they show. When we have people at like Frum (whom I've defended from the Left) attacks our own people, they make it hard for us to appeal beyond our base. Liberals make Emmanuel Goldstein's of our people, when they stop, we can reach across the aisle.

People like Frum and National Review make it harder for the Conservative and Republicans to make it to the general populace. They have forgotten Reagan's 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Frum and National Review should be targeting the Liberals and the Democrats, not Conservatives. Why should someone visit our Bar Sinister if our own people bad mouth it? The general election does has the chaotic, circus atmosphere that Bar Sin has; And we should not worry about our own people attacking us when, as Mark Levin says, Statism is rising.

Before 2010, we must school these wayward so-called Republicans into grooving at Malediction so we can bring the party to Bar Sin.

How? The details will be in the Republican Encyclicals this fall. Until then, should we encounter a so-called Conservative or Republican who forgets Reagan's 11th Commandment, tell them to convince us that they are Right.

If they cannot, tell them to get the hell out of the way.

My questions are simple:

1) What was your favorite Primary campaign? And General?
2) How do we find these wayward Republicans?
3) Would you visit either of these clubs when you are in LA?

I'll be at Malediction on Sunday!

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM PDT

    1. I enjoyed watching the Democratic primaries last year. It was stunning to see the DNC push aside Hillary in favor of a cool Far Left candidate who shot up from nowhere. I was cheering Hillary because she deserved the nomination.

    2. The more I talk to people, the more I am convinced that we truly are a center-right nation. Independents hold conservative views and yet they are wary of the GOP. Republicans have to clean up their act to win the middle again.

    3. Hey, if they welcome non-goths, I’d like to visit. I promise to wear black. Will you take me?



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