Monday, September 07, 2009

Is President Obama really Harold Saxon?

During the Primaries, I was wrong. Secretary of State Clinton could not be Harold Saxon, but President Obama is looking close to it though.

Who is the Right Honorable Harold Saxon? Watch this episode of the "new" Doctor Who, called "The Sound of Drums," Start focusing after 7:30. If you are already a Doctor Who fan, enjoy these highlights.

In First World nations, we all have records of where we've been. College grades or reports? None of President Obama's to be found. Here are the list of records President Obama has not released.
I'm not focused on his birth records (because I believe he was born in Hawaii. He is also President, you can argue for his school records and his written work -- I want to see it all, the birth record issue is petty and stupid, but not his school items), but I would like to know what he wrote when he was in College. What did he believe then? Does he still believe it today?

But why Harold Saxon? Because Great presidents know that the country is bigger then their own ego. When President Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address, there are no "I's" in the speech. It was about his fellow countrymen. Presidents know they are to be the object of ridicule because they represent the State (or The Man), but President Obama is immune just like Saxon.
Can you think of one major media star that attacked the State in 2009? Didn't most of them attack the State between 2001 - 2008? Welcome to Oceania where entertainment is part of the State. Yes, I'm talking to you Chris Rock and Patton Oswalt. Both are now official tools of the State.

Also, great Presidents know that it is better to be hated by his or her fellow countrymen, then for Americans to start fighting with each other. The Left, has learned to hate fellow Americans, and it shows in Obama's governing (if that) style. Snitching on other Americans, lesson plans that help the President with no reference to other Presidents and their great deeds; I'm sure President Obama will introduce Toclafane into political life pretty soon. (And let me be the first to say, Keith Olbermann is America's most well known Toclafane )

Remember the beginning of "The Sound of Drums?" Hope and Change was it's own drumbeat. But Senator Obama did not take public funds (even though campaign funding was changed in 2002 by his opponent, Senator McCain). Obama, hypocrite then, and hypocrite now.

The silence of CJR and Democracy in America on President Obama's hypocrisy is not surprising. They heard the sound of drums too.

This argument could all be moot if President Obama is really Zaphod Beeblebrox -- he isn't in it to harm people, he just wants a huge kegger party and steal a spaceship (courtesy BBC).....

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