Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Be ready to Shake the Disease

For the latter part of the year, I have been dealing with Government Run health care.

The failure of it (in detail) ties into my plague year story. I have been focusing on my health and fighting the bureaucracy. Thus, too many plans have been fallen by the wayside. I am still working on them, but give it time.

When the battle is won (as I plan to win it), I will tell the tale. It will be addressed to the Beltway Contingent of mentors, friends and Bloggers.

If anyone of the Left wants to convince you of how well, in theory, Government Run health care works, be ready for my story. Actual real life examples usually trump theoretical unicorns.

When it is told, I want it in the Congressional record or entered into a magazine piece (if you have access to either of these beforehand, I am available for an interview -- just email me).

And the title of the piece will be titled: Shaking the Disease. Of course it's Goth. Here is the song it was named for:

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