Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones, Henry Louis Gates and the End of a Fallacy

In the world of Vertigo Comics Fables, there is a character called Gary the Pathetic Fallacy who travels with Jack of Tales, helping to cause mischief and mayhem. In the real world, the resignation of Van Jones ends a fallacious tactic whose job is to stifle debate.

Every election is about a trade. Let's take 2004 and 2008:

In 2004, the re-election of President Bush was about the trade of: do what is necessary to stop any attacks on America (here or overseas). Hurricane Katrina exposed a blindness, but he still never attacked his domestic opponents afterwords.

In 2008, Americans elected President Obama to move the country forward on race relations. No more Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Sharpton attacking business' and people for (alleged) racism. No more if we oppose Liberal African American issues, the race card is played. Heck, in 2000, the NAACP made an ad against Governor Bush crying "racist," even after he executed actual ones to death.

Since 1/20/09, all Liberals and Democrats say is: Any opposition to President Obama is racist. Forgetting the last 8 years of fallacious arguments (If you do not click the link, don't complain about the Blow back now), the left expects the Right to continue to shut up and be called names.

After the way Governor Palin and President Bush were treated, we on the activist Right know we are next. Conor Friedersdorf (will never learn it) and Jon Henke (right now) has forgotten this. That is a future post.

When Senator Obama campaigned in 2007 and 2008, he gave speeches of a "Post-racial America," But then, have the Liberals and Democrats ever acted "post-racial," with Justice Thomas, Secretary Rice or Kenneth Gladney? NO.

When the Henry Louis Gates issue erupted, I noticed that one of Officer Crowley's jobs was to teach other Cambridge Police Officers not to stereotype criminals due to race. What did Professor Gates do? He stereotyped Officer Crowley. President Obama originally took Professor Gates' side.

Officer Crowley was living in Post-racial America, where did Professor Gates live? Liberals attack Conservatives and Republicans for opposing President Obama by calling them "racists," How does this help when it actually occurs in modern times?

Ta-Nahisi Coates writes for the Atlantic. Just like citizen of the crown, Andrew Sullivan. No support on his Blog against Kenneth Gladney's attack. No support of Justice Thomas, Secretary Rice or any African American who does toe the Liberal line. Instead, attack all on the Right with the cry of "Racist!"

Van Jones Hated President Bush. Van Jones hated Republicans and Conservatives. And because he was supported in these hates (along with an Ivy degree), this hate is allowed. Note how many in the media have Ivy degrees and Hate Bush, Conservatives and Republicans. See how much they get away with.

If the resignation of Van Jones can do one thing, it should end the fallacy of calling opposition to President Obama "Raaacists!" To quote Depeche Mode, People are people. There are stupid people. There are smart people. There are civil people. And there are Assholes. Van Jones did not look at Conservatives, Republicans or President Bush as "people," Ta-nahisi Coates and Henry Louis Gates follow the same route.

And read any poster or commenter at Think Progress, Washington Monthly, Daily Kos or Huffington post. Same thinking.

I want a post-racial America. Oppose each other on our views, not skin color, creed or religion. But the Left cannot get over their Hate.

Anyone look at crime rates vs. Business openings in Detroit, Compton and Anacostia? All Democratic Party run since the Flood.

My questions are these:

When has the Left ever been post-racial? Have you? Examples please.

And if you are on the Left, why do you always scream "Uncle Tom" to a Conservative or Republican African American? Should every African American think the same way on politics?

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