Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos Predictions

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This quiz can only mean one thing: The End of the Sopranos. I've only missed one episode since it began, but here is my guess on what is going to happen:

A) The war between New York and New Jersey: New York has someone inside the New Jersey mob -- I'm guessing it is Paulie Walnuts -- and they will take down Tony and Sil. Phil Leotardo started this war to move someone new into Tony Soprano's position. Who else were they implying?

B) Betraying Tony -- Paulie wants to go back to making money. He will face Tony mano a mano. Whoever survives runs the family. If you read I Claudius, the history is clear.

C) Dr. Melfi's guilt -- By rejecting Tony, she has put herself in the line of fire, which could be where the betrayal takes place.

That's my guesses for now. Watch tonight.

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