Monday, June 11, 2007

The Missing Four Minutes

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Did you catch the end of the Soprano's? Let's go over the spoilers before we tackle some other issues; This will be done as was the Soprano's minute by minute....

First Minute -- [SPOILERS -- Here There Be Dragons]. Here's the recap. The scene goes black in the diner. My predictions were wrong; Phil Leotardo died, Paulie stayed loyal to Tony and life goes on? Before any hit in the Sopranos, some crew member would tail and then attack (i.e. Phil Leotardo). The code is families were not to be attacked, but Tony was still a target due to the indictment coming down. And if you remember The Godfather, "Leave the Gun, take the Cannoli's," The Gun was in the bathroom. The scene goes black because Tony is shot. We don't need to see what happens next. [END SPOILERS]

Second Minute -- Jason, tried to make peace between The Heathlander and I. I played Netanyahu in 1998 at Wye River, The Anti Semite Heathlander played Yassir Arafat at Camp David in 2000. The allies of the Palestinians prove they do not want a two-state solution (as evidenced by The Heathlander's words and actions); they want to kill every Jew in Israel. If the Palestinians were interested in a state, where is their Parliament? Their schools? Their roads? Their Central bankers? None exist because they wish to destroy Israeli's first.

Third Minute -- To follow up with Jason's (Hey, he tried to build a bridge, The Heathlander blew it up) conclusion post on Israeli-Arab fight; That is not what I'm focusing on but this is where I am looking at: Arab-Democratic party alliance. Back when I was a Liberal Democrat in NYC in the 1980's, I met some old Tammany folk who explained if you want to rid your party of troublemakers, the old men must step in and quell "the young whippersnappers," For all those Lefties who cry about "Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity." Who will step in for Maher, the Huffington Post and the Heathlander? This should be handled by the Democratic party partisans, but even the cicada's are louder.

Fourth Minute -- I am trying to set up a couple interviews for the Valley. More news as it arrives. As you enjoy Jason's Blog, don't forget to read Aurora's.

Roll Credits.


  1. I still haven't seen the finale, but I'm going to be listening to yesterday's Howard Stern on my iPod today and I know they're going to discuss it at length, so consider it spoiled for me.

    Now I must ask why you insist on continuing bucking the basic rules of logic by hurling accusations that you can't back up at bloggers who you disagree with? It really damages your credibility.

  2. Jason,

    I read the comments and posts on his Blog(and at the Daily Kos); I am only operating by what he writes (or doesn't). The written word is the most powerful piece of art. I've gone through his blog a few times. Not one word of how the Palestinians can build a state, only on the evils of Isreal.

    My focus is, when is someone from the Party structure going to get in and say "That's enough,"

  3. I would hardly put the Heathlander in the same ballpark as Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter. Huffington Posters as well. When I start seeing them every night on cable news or in newspapers across the country, then their authority will be comparable. The Democratic Party doesn't care about the Heathlander or maybe even know he exists.

    About Sopranos, I read a while back that Tony Sirico only took the role of Paulie if it was guaranteed to him that he wouldn't be a rat, so I figured that wasn't going to happen. I enjoyed the ep and thought it was very fitting for the series.

  4. Making assumptions and inferences based on what ISN'T written is practically the very definition of poor logic. I have yet to see you show one solid example of Heathlander or any other pro-Palestinian blogger advocating the destruction of Israel or the killing of Israelis. I've never seen you write about how much you love your mom, but I wouldn't assume that means that you don't.

  5. Political,

    If it's the former, then shouldn't the Jews in the Democratic party be informed; if it's the latter, all the more reason for a GOP partisan to highlight his words.


    He publishes in two places, His own blog and The daily Kos. Comments that he writes are just as weighted as his posts. As you said in your post, "...If the pro-Palestinian side could mention Israel's rights to exist and the baseness of the tactics of suicide bombing [Paraphrasing], it would go a long way,"

    I would like to assume that The Heathlander wants Peace with Israel; but nothing he writes (in either post form or comments) declares he wants a true two-state solution.

  6. Continuing to explain away your bad logic isn't going to change the fact that it's bad logic. Your extreme aversion to attempting to follow the basic rules of logic could lead one to believe that it's because the point you are trying to make lacks validity. Using good logic makes your arguments much stronger. Here's a good place to start learning the rules.

  7. JSF, thanks for the plug.
    Jason, I would say that anyone who marched in that appalling anti-Israel march a couple of weeks ago has huge problems with Israel. The arguments used against Israel by the UK academics who wished to boycott Israel were nothing short of ludicrous! I correspond with an Israeli academic who has combed through their straw man arguments against the Israeli academia and exposed every one of them. Unfortunately, the vast majority of onlookers just take everything these UK pseudo-intellectuals say at face value just because they think they're academics and smarter than the average bear. I'd say that a nefarious few who marched were ideologues committed to bringing down Israel whether by truth or otherwise and the rest were just wide-eyed sheep. Whatever side of the fence Heathlander sits on, he deserves to be exposed. Keep up the great work, JSF!


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