Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Riddle me this, Are Democrats Wilsonian or Nixonian?

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This is my busy week so I don't have time to post regularly. However, I read and ponder during this week. After spending a lot of time on the Palestinian and Israeli issue (I will go back again -- there is the question of the Anti-Semitic Heathlander to deal with); But for now, I have a query.

Back in my younger days when I was an Idealistic Democrat, I protested Gulf War I in college. The main line that was promoted during these protests was that the United Stated Government should not "Support Dictators," Now I am a Pragmatic Republican (yes, there is a difference), who wonders where those protests went.

Now with Iraq in play because of the Wilsonian in the White House, the Democrats who protested against dictators now believe in dealing with Repressive Governments (i.e. Iran and Venezuela). In an earlier post, I define Wilsonian idealists and Nixonian Realists.

My questions to my readers all across the political battlefield, if the Democrats, as far back as JFK's inaugural address, believed in Wilsonian ideals then, have they abandoned them for Nixonian realism now?

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  1. I think that political parties and their various supporters are far too diverse to lump into one of two categories. I would think that there are elements of each of these types of people as well as many who fall somewhere in between in both parties. Groups of people are far too complex to pigeonhole into only one of two choices.


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